21 thoughts on “Dealer Joe's Frozen Meals Assessment – What to Purchase & Keep away from!

  1. It's so refreshing to see somebody without their masks these days. You should be sharing these multi times over for boosting peoples mental health!

  2. I know you said in a previous video that you have a book out with recipes but do you have a book that goes into detail of what to look for on labels and what is healthy? If you don’t would please consider putting it out maybe in a pocket size book to guide us when purchasing our food.

  3. Never EVER buy frozen rice.

    Manufacturers often let the rice sit at room temperature after cooking for several hours before freezing it and, as anyone would know with rice, it collects spores if you dont refrigerate or freeze immediately from warm.

    Make your own rice and follow procedure in refrigerating and consuming it properly.

  4. Flava guy never EVER even mentions the SODIUM content in the savory products! That's pretty awful as they're PACKED WITH SALT as a preservative.

  5. Bobby , u will thrilled if visit MOMS market is that Cadillac of w.food, Joe's and sprout combine lunch counter out of this world and fresh juice bar .I know u answered no ur never been in one hopefully they will open one in the Chicago area

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