26 thoughts on “Day of $250 million CEO | Life for Sale

  1. Dude running the hotel talks to the carpenter about not being professional yet he has allowed the shit show to run 6 months with nothing happening!! All there stories sound like shit also

  2. yeah, brand franchises can really fuck you over sometimes. my dads boss's family owned some hotels I thing maybe Hilton or something like it but they were told they had to replace all the carpet in the hotel because they said so even though they just got some new carpet a couple years ago

  3. Holy crap, this is realistic. Should be required for anyone wanting to get into the CRE biz. I worked on one of Ben's projects about 8 years ago. Everyone was scared to death of doing something wrong. Luckily I was in and out in 24hrs!

  4. Vinson is grossly incompetent. Thinks he's smarter and more intellectual than those around him. Has no respect for his father and comes across as highly ungrateful and ignorant of his privileged position and opportunity in life

  5. I love how some people think that others who are wealthy got there the easy way keep it well no headaches and life is just a bunch of funny games

  6. Vincent is a waste of space. Incompetent asf, he has an excuse for everything and nothing is his fault. He needs to shut his mouth and listen every now and then. No solutions just problems. Ben can i punch his face? Ill do it for free?

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