30 thoughts on “David Bowie – Come And Purchase My Toys

  1. Such a Genius… This Song clearly shows how David had a deeper understanding of the 'Commerciality' of Pop and Rock Music … how he saw it's escapism and heritage etc,etc…… Such a beautiful Soul. Blessings!

  2. Well, he sure did make an album, see comment below. Two fantastic albums no doubt. This song always nearly brought  a tear to my eye, now it does…..

  3. loved this song, from the first time I heard this in 69! was very young then, but even then could understand the talent. a wonderful simple song! And I never ever minded, him sounding like Anthony newley! who wasn't a bad singer in his own right.

  4. My Dad used to sing this to me as a lullaby as a small child. Only realized Bowie was the original singer of this song when I was 19. What a cool find!

  5. There's certainly some clunkers on his first album, but songs like Silly Boy Blue and Come and Buy My Toys certainly spoke of the brilliance of his song and lyrical craftsmanship to come. 

  6. Loved it when I was nine. Now at forty six I love it still. I just wish Mr.Bowie would make another album, eight years and still waiting……..

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