49 thoughts on “Cyrille Aimée, Roy Hargrove & Joel Frahm : Love For Sale

  1. Великолепно, оригинально, можно слушать и слушать… "оскомины" не будет!!!

  2. What a wonderful collaboration of a group of incredibly talented people, where the whole is more then it’s individual pieces. Fantastic. This is real deal, funky stuff. I wish i would have been there.

  3. Wow! They all brought out the best in each other. Each solo a fantastic part of a lively conversation. This makes me realize how much I miss my Jazz buddies.

  4. Last night I dreamt about listening a song called Love Sales, it sounded like Jennifer Hudson's Crush, this is the first song that comes out when you type it on YouTube and I like it…

  5. I've thought many times about playing this version on the station…. then I keep coming back to nahhhh. We'd probably definitely get some calls lol. We play instrumental vocal versions of the song of course… However this one lol, it captures the ears very well and I keep imagining a new listener calling in complaining. All that said, excellent job capturing the spirit of the song. We play everything else on the album though. Playing "Yesterdays" on the show today actually. 👍

  6. Music is like our direct plug to God!! Thank you Angels we need God now on this earth walk around Lord smote this evilness out HALLELUJAH amen thank LORD

  7. Hell yeah! Now THAT’S how to scat! Real pitches, ideas, themes. Not just howling some diatonic notes and singing, “scooby dooby do wut wut!” Band ain’t half bad either…

  8. Nice rendition…too bad the sax player took two solos and the piano player didn't get to solo…he is good. Oh those sax players sometimes!

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