41 thoughts on “Crimson Canine

  1. Dear God this story personifies what I believe in…I've gotta let my grandkids (descendants) experience this story!!# Beautiful. Yes, my heart cried & laughed…but thats the ebb & flow of life…should America be "Yes we can Change" communist/marxist society, we lose all this human emotion…lets be free !

  2. This is were 8 comment at the start but I hope the movie doesn’t make me cry and god dame the song at the start is good 👍

  3. Red Dog! Treat humans like they are your best friend, not the other way around. Another great Aussie movie! Rachael Taylor! Hot! Soundtrack was enjoyable too!

  4. Way back in 1992, my wife and I went to Florida to visit her 1 friend for a week.
    We went to Saint Pete's Beach and fished at the 1 pay to rent a rod and fish for the day Docks.
    As we were paying to go to the dock, a Shaggy Dog walked in.
    The Owner/worker said "Hold on a moment folks" and went to the Freezer and got a Big Frozen Sardine and gave it to the Dog.
    My Wife and I fast learned about the "Saint Pete's Beach Community Dog" that Everyone took care of but No one Owned.

  5. I really loved this touching heartwarming movie but at the same time I have a very hard time believing that Red Dog traveled as far & wide as the movie depicts even going all the way to Japan. Movies have a bad habit of stretching the truth! Great movie though!

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