46 thoughts on “Costco Flash Sale – What To Purchase At Costco RIGHT NOW

  1. The easy thursday accordingly tick because current coincidently warn abaft a black-and-white wrinkle. unhealthy, damaged pie

  2. Henckels Granitium ! bought a set of these about a year ago. saw them recently again at Costco .com. BEST pans I've ever owned. Meant to send a link after your pan vid. Maybe some day you'll find and review them?! Miss you in Chicago!

  3. Sorry I may be challenging but I said Bobby approved needs to take in consideration how the food is processed and sent to market to be approved. So you’re telling me if you went to the factory and saw a bunch of cooked eggs flattened out on a conveyor belt squished into plastic wrap sealed stamped with a two or three month expiration date that would be good with you? I do not think that would be good with you

  4. Can eggs that are cooked and made into crapes Be anything but rubbery and stale and why in the world would you recommend that I understand Paleo keto blah blah blah but let’s just talk about how healthy are your wraps if they’ve been cooked processed sealed and some sort of plastic and put it on the shelf for two months who wants to eat that come on Bobby

  5. And so while there’s no art who is doing the filming and editing you can’t be doing the filming when you’re storing in the video and I totally respect you may not want to say who’s doing the filming because they may not be doing the filming next week

  6. Hate ck sausage And pre-cooked chicken burgers with those painted on grill marks I’m really surprised that their Barbie approved because they’re not may have proved no thank you I’ll take my chicken burgers without painted grill marks

  7. Let us know the status of art is he staying in Chicago has he not decided he was so much a part of your videos and had his own Fanbase

  8. No knock but with your blown hair and fuzzy chin, I immediately thought of Shaggy on Scoobie Doo! Love your content and thanks!

  9. Cosco dosent not allow people of 60 to shop at Costco in Puerto Vallarta. MX
    So your avertissement stink .Hope people will pay attention to m’y info….

  10. Costco doesn't need us. They just need our business. 98% of costco's products are cheap communist made garbage. If Costco cares even that extra 2% about American workers they would build a manufacturing plant and create real jobs. If you work in retail in America,you are basically a cheap source of chinese labor to move their products. Americans need to stop supporting big warehouse companies that peddle cheap communist made junk.
    And who pays a membership fee to buy this junk?

  11. For that price on the milk … consider picking one up and donate it to your local food pantry. People donate a lot of boxed Mac and cheese and cereal … which both need milk.

  12. Picked up two packs of the Paleo Chicken links, PB Fit Peanut Butter Powder, and a pack of Paleo Bars today thanks to this video! Tried one of the bars and boy are they are DELICIOUS!! Going to go grab two more tomorrow. Slowly eating through/tossing the crappy stuff in my kitchen and swapping out for better options. Thanks so much for sharing❤

  13. Those paleo chx sausages are great; idk what those ppl are talking about. We get them anytime Costco has them, as well as the Teton polish 100% grass fed beef sausage; have you tried those?

  14. This natural flavoring is everywhere.. Holy cow!! Made sure there were no bad sugars, has monk fruit, and then bam there it is! I see it and think oh maybe just this one thing will be alright. But nope… If I'm going to eat something on the bad list it will be something that I at least know what it is.

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