11 thoughts on “ColourPop Cosmetics “FROZEN II” Assortment Swatches and Low cost Code

  1. The only reason why I’m glad, that I didn’t get both collections, because it is a waste of money, because I’m not into glitter; therefore, I won’t use the glitter gels. I got the eye shadow palettes, lipsticks & lip lipglosses, because those are fabulous. If I had to chose which collection. is better-Anna! Elsa’s eye-shadow palette colors are unique to my make-up collection, but Fire eye-shadow has poor pigmentation. Elsa’s lip gloss is similar to white sheer lip glosses I had in the past. Anna’s collection, however, is perfect!

  2. Awww she’s adorable! I love her “mommy, I want to put this on my eyes. “ Teaching her young! 😉 I love these both and hope I can get both pr packages too! 🥰

  3. I think they captured both Elsa and Anna perfectly with this collection. I’m leaning more towards Elsa’s products because I don’t really have those shades.

  4. As always, amazing swatches!! I had no idea this was even coming out, so shoutout to you for being one of the first to talk about it! 😍

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