34 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY OUTFIT & GIFT IDEAS!!! (+ low cost!!) | NASTY GAL | Rach Leary

  1. Hi Rachael love your videos! Please please could you do a makeup tutorial on the makeup you’ve been wearing recently !? 😁 thank you x

  2. My friend—who’s deaf—says that you could speak in your Instagram Videos AND have them be Accessible to the deaf & Hard-Of-Hearing Community…In fact, I found an Instagram account—London-based—that has enabled Instagram’s new Auto-Captioning feature, so you can pay a visit to the following Instagrammer’s IGTV page and click on one of her most Recently-Uploaded Videos see what it looks like in action (@sknperfct); note, the Deaf-Accessibility feature is only being applied to her most recent IGTV Videos…That said, Rach could use that new feature in HER Instagram Videos as well! 🙂 Although I’m not sure whether the feature only works for IGTV Videos (but not Story Videos)…Just go to SETTINGS, than select ACCOUNT, then select CAPTIONS and then make sure the “Auto-Generated Captions” option is active…It only misses out a few words here & there and makes a few mistakes BUT because the Captions would be Auto-Generated (just like in your YouTube Videos), you wouldn’t need to write any of them, because Instagram would write them out for you…My friend is tired of seeing your lips moving but not knowing what you’re saying and she would really love to see you beginning to make your speech-based Instagram Video content available to more than just people who have the ability to hear…By-The-Way: My friend also wonders whether you might, by chance, happen to have a British/English accent; because she can’t hear, she’s unable to figure out the answer to that Question, which is why she’s asking…So, just as the IGTV Videos of Instagram account, (@sknperfct) contain Auto-Captions, Rach could offer the same Deaf-Accessibility feature for HER Instagram IGTV Videos too! Just sayin’…

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