21 thoughts on “Christmas Buying at Harrods 2020 – FENDI SALE INFO, LUXE LOUNGEWEAR + HAUL & MAILTIME

  1. I LOVE Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir. An SA at Nordstrom turned me on to it a few years ago and it is such a lovely rich scent for winter.
    David cam zooming in on your face while you are in queue to check out was like the visual definition of love. 😻

  2. I agree about the Jo Malone orange blossom candle not giving off much of a fragrance. It was my first JM candle, and I was very disappointed.

  3. Hello Sophie . Can you please tell us what cream was that you mentioned that you use on you neck with the green caviar? Thankyou so much! 🌹

  4. The David zoom ins reminded me of "Love Actually" 🙂 Very sweet <3 Thanks for showing us around London, I'm from Germany living in Australia for the past 7 years, but I have been to London many many times and it weirdly feels like home. Such a beautiful place, especially during Christmas. Love from Melbourne x

  5. I love the moment when you are browsing the Louboutin cosmetics counter and right after experiencing/recording the fragrance collection David asked the brand representative ‘what is this?’ For which the very same beauty consultant replied ‘it’s a snow globe… (as if it weren’t obvious) after a brief moment a silence- she followed with ‘and when you buy 2 products you get the snow globe…it’s a gift with purchase!’ … (as if she herself just realized thats exactly what it is) yeah duh, it’s a snow a globe! But why is it here at a fashion/cosmetic shop?! She should have flipped the script she uttered and started with ‘a gift with purchase, etc etc’ … her first reaction was to reply with a condescending attitude. If she was a well trained she would have used David’s curiosity as a selling opportunity, and she should have romanticized that damn snow globe! ‘It’s a limited edition Christian Louboutin home decor ornament for the 2020 holiday season , only 1,000 were made as a gift with purchase only offered to Harrods customers.” … it’s all BS, that I literally just made up right now, but that is how you capture that ‘impulse buy’ mentality from a browser, window shopper, or guest that visits a store.

  6. I really enjoyed your 4 part vlogs. How true sophie is Steve Jobs quote on how the dots all connect together. One just has to keep the faith. I have really liked your skincare and home stuff video. An updated skincare routine would be fun to watch. Thank you for your videos this year. Hope you, David & the bunnies have a great Xmas and new year. xxx

  7. Hey Sophie, your balmain blazers are always so beautiful. Could you indicate if they actually keep you warm? Like if its 7 degree c outside but not really freezing cold, can they work without an additional coat or trench on top?

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