Chilly-Rolled Metal Slitting Machine China Producer Sale In Peru 3X1400MM

Chilly-Rolled Metal Slitting Machine China Producer Sale In Peru 3X1400MM

The metal coil slitting line,composed of uncoils,rewinder,feeding,shearing and different equipments,is a manufacturing line.

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  1. Dual-cassette wiper system, Strip Wiper, drying, Wiping, oiling, remove Rubber Rolls, Cold Rolling Mills, Process Lines

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    Adaptive strip wiping systems, mechanical, vacuum, suction rolls for high speed reversible cold rolling mills, galvanising lines, pickling lines for all types of fluids corrosive & non corrosive for more details call +91-9050539120 or mail us at [email protected]

    Over the period of employment with the Cold Rolling Mills, Pickling Lines, Continuous Degreasing-Annealing-Pickling Lines, etc. we had come across various practical problems like Roll Coolant carryover, Fluid Carryover from Degreasing lines, Pickling Lines etc. which result in poor quality surface finish of the final strip. Also the frequent damage of Rubber Covering of the Squeeze Rolls whether Rubber Rolls or 3M Rolls, induces high costs and Down Time for replacing them.

    Even with the most expensive wiping systems available in the market, the results have not been satisfactory besides high running costs. To overcome this problem, we have developed a very efficient high-performance Strip wiping system which can work from 0.010mm (10 Microns) to 10.00mm thicknesses, Strip width from 100mm to 1500mm, Line Speeds from 0-600 MPM.

    Please find attached the technical write-up of the High performance Strip Wiping system and videos which are depicting the wiping action of Neat Oil as well as Emulsion Oil at 600 Mtrs Per Minute Line speed. For the purpose of testing of the Wipers in extreme conditions, we have flooded the strip with Coolant and the performance is self-explanatory.

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