22 thoughts on “Child Merchandise I Remorse Shopping for (Dad Version) + Various Choices 2021

  1. The alternate suggestions I made can be found here: https://bit.ly/3qaolV6
    Good chance that you may disagree with my takes and I'm cool with it. Just to add another though – as a guy, the Solly Baby Wrap did nothing for me. Definitely like a regular carrier like the BabyBjörn One more.

  2. Bro what’s your name bc you knocked that out the park. As new parents were totally in line with everything you said. Thank you !

  3. It's insane to me how much stuff people get for a tiny squirmy human that basically just eats, sleeps and poops!
    2 kids in and I've never spent over $50 on anything other than the car seats. I'd be surprised if I spent over $150 for the entire newborn phase with the first one! (and the second kid was basically free, cause we already had it all.) Getting a mamaroo or a dock-a-tot or a god knows what seems like the biggest waste of money to me, but each to their own I guess…

    What I've bought for my children: crib for $45, maybe 10 basic outfits per size and a warm overall/hat/gloves/booties (swedish winter), a carrier/baby wrap for maybe $30, diapers, wipes, changing mat.
    No chairs or rockers, no bassinets, no play mats, no baby gyms, no changing table, no diaper trash can, not even a stroller or a designated "diaper bag". Didn't need any of them, ever, nor did I wish I had them. (We did have a stroller, a rocker and a baby gym at one point, and got rid of them because they didn't get used and just took up space.)

  4. Thanks, great video. Could you please let me know what have you put on your sons ears at 8:07? Is it something to prevent ears from folding leading to ears protruding thereby causing bat ears? Could you please share the details? Thank you!

  5. I agree to some degree with some of this reviews
    However you need to consider that some kids are very fussy like my sister's baby she couldn't sleep all not long and would rock her baby until she passes out n baby still won't sleep. So they needed a swing but mamaroo swing did not exist back then
    Plus for weight scale im having alot of issue to weigh my own baby as I need to monitor him regularly due to his condition and report this to the doctor each week.
    In everything there r pros n cons
    Overall good review

  6. Lol I could not agree more with all of these! Made the same “mistakes” of purchases with our first and this time around, we are taking a different approach

  7. One more thing .. the expression you have to actually shove the diaper into the pail and thats a mess… with the original you throw it in and never actually touch the pail or use any force at all

  8. I agree with everything but one… the diaper genie… it looked like you have the "expressions" brand of diaper genie and not the original.. someone got me that one and I HATED THAT THING!!! the ORIGINAL diaper genie with the pedal is just not even comparable.. the bags are worth it because qhen you change the bag you still smell nothing and it's all concealed! You step on it to open it and when the lid come up the inside cup rotates and when it shuts.. the cup rotates back down and drops the diaper.. at the same time creating a barrier between the lid and the diapers… please get the oroginal.. you will never turn back to ubi guarenteed

  9. I think parents should not buy anything before baby is here. Its all anxiety buying and truth is you can go shopping when you know your baby.

  10. We just always wrapped it and put in garbage elsware. Why keep poo in babys room. Unless you have triplets i dont see it that hard.

  11. I’m an RN and an IBCLC, working in a large maternity unit. You provide a great video for new parents! Very helpful, and I’m sure you’re an awesome dad, too. Thank you!

  12. such a good topic! I haven't had an regrets yet with purchases, but it's always been something I think about before making a purchase.

  13. If the 4moms mamaroo was $10,000, I would still buy it for the amount of time and energy it saved us by putting our newborn to sleep or calming him down

  14. Sold our dock-a-tot… just a waste overall for all the reasons listed.

    Selling our hatch baby grow. I can stand on a scale. Pick up my son. Step on again. Do math.

    Selling mamaroo.

    It’s amazing, I could make the exact same video right now!

    Only thing I’d swear by different than here would be our Snoo. Kid loved it. That said, 40% military discount was clutch there. Don’t think I’d have even considered it without that discount.

  15. I agreed . I recommend nanit for camera . I watched lots of video and comes with saving a lot . Some products are so expensive and useless .

  16. I agree with most things but I did find the Hatch grow useful, for my breastfeeding… made me realize how much my baby was actually getting. For the diapers I really think you should try cloth diapering, so much more affordable and a lot less trouble… obviously that’s a personal choice.

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