25 thoughts on “Canon EOS RP vs Nikon Z5: Which Digicam SHOULD You Purchase? 2021

  1. Man this guy is the best got me laughing so hard I don’t have to be looking for a camera just watch his video and make your day

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  3. Hy Jared, I shoot Sony for 2 years, if you are talking only about autofocus, Sony is very good, but I just switch back to the Nikon Z system by purchasing the Z6ii. The Sony wasn't good enough for my necessity, I like more the color science and the flexibility of Nikon RAW files that's more important for my and for my way of shooting than all the technological stuff that Sony offers. You were a Nikon shooter and a great photographer I used to follow you but the new Jared I don't like it so much. You once said, the camera is just a tool to express the photographer's ability and skills (something like that). You inspired me to buy my first D3100. Now a days I don't see you anymore like a photographer but more likely a camera dealer. Sorry for now, maybe in the future things will change. All of luck.

  4. Although Jared is the #1 reason I learned photography to the level I know it now, I still can't tell who the bigger troll is—Ken Rockwell or Jared. Jared is definitely a more sensationalistic individual whereas Ken legitimately believes his own BS. Jared, I think, is at least self-aware enough to know he's being sensationalistic when he is.

    That said, if you have the money, and are trying to decide between an RP, R, or Z5, buy the Z5. It's pretty much a no-brainer.

    This isn't even a good comparison. The RP costs 600 CAD less than the RP right now. The Z5 blows the RP away in every aspect. IBIS, dual card slots, better video capabilities, more advanced AF and greater coverage, 1/8000s max SS, N-log shooting capabilities, IPB and ALL-I, higher frame rates for video, just to name a few. Oh, and much better dynamic range and high-ISO (low light) capabilities in the Z5 as well. Suddenly things look rocky for the RP.

    The Z5 would be more comparable to the EOS R in my opinion. The Z5 smashes the RP all day everyday, and the only reason I am picking up my RP tomorrow is because… well, it's 600 CAD cheaper. Yes, those things are important to me in the Z5, but getting the RF 35mm f/1.8 IS STM Macro lens is much more important for $650 than the aforementioned specs in the Z5. Not forever, but for now while I don't have as much money as I want for the Z5.

  5. I went with Canon Rp due to ecosystem. Made in Japan (check), amazing customer service (check), Rf glass and factoring the rate Nikon is losing money 🤑

  6. Jared please help me!!! I bought the Nikon D5600 and my vision is not too good and its hard to take good pics without having an Autofocus. Does the Nikon D7500 have Autofocus or is there a Canon closebto the D5600 that has Autofocus??

  7. I am trying to buy a camera for real estate, I need to take pictures and videos. I am having a hard time deciding as the market for the cameras is quite large and I dont have much knowledge nor experience for such things. My budget for the camera is approx. $600. Which Camera would you recommend for me?

  8. Still cannot choose which mirrorless system is better for me. As an APS-C shooter, I like Z50 much better than others, but Nikon does not promise any interesting lenses. Sony does have lenses, but I don't like a6xxx bodies 🙂

  9. Thanks again! Fantastic comparison – just bought the Z5 today with the 24-50mm. Gonna use the FTZ adapter with it so I can still use my F-mount 50mm f/1.8.

  10. After removing the jokes and in-video ads, (I get it, everyone needs to eat,) besides showing that you still don't have a grasp on the Z system AF modes, (talking about using the joystick alone to move AF points,) you have maybe 15 minutes of just basically comparing the spec sheets of each camera. Regarding the sensors, rather than spout ISO and megapixels, talk about actual image quality. Look at noise performance, dynamic range, tonality of not only the RAW file, but the JPGs. Many entry level photographers will use JPG, (I know, that one stings me too). If you look where the rubber meets the road, examine the flexibility of each cameras RAW files. The RP has a good tolerance for being overexposed, but less so for underexposure and shadow detail. The Z5 is pretty flexible for overexposure, but is in another league for being underexposed or working with shadow details because the sensor is nearly ISO invariant like the D750 you mentioned. This holds true for stills across the comparable systems, not just these cameras. (Even Pentax wipes the floor with the best Canon sensor for working with shadow detail. It's a huge weakness in their system, albeit one of very few.) A camera with a near ISO invariant sensor is an extremely useful thing to have. Think of it like Eye AF. Do you need it? No, of course not. But once you have it, it's a great tool. You also never mentioned the Z5 IBIS. How was this skipped Mr. Knows Photo? That's a HUGE, very useful feature and likely responsible for much of the price difference. You need to spend over $1,000 more than a Z5 to get a Canon body with IBIS. I think you would have been much better served focusing on the actual cameras you've decided to talk about rather then just using it as an excuse to tell everyone (again) that you switched to the R5 for video and to look at their overall system is the "bigliest". Not everyone is going to upgrade to a fully pro lens lineup and high-end camera body. Lastly, you speak about not jumping from one system to another when a new camera is released, but you're literally in a community of content creators that do exactly that in order to stay relevant. How many videos from you and your peers are titled something like "Time to Switch?" Stuff like this further programs consumers to do exactly that. So, what's the real message? Overall this seems like the most disjointed camera comparison video from you to date. I hope you take these comments constructively as I do legit enjoy your light heartedness, humor and well practiced delivery.

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