Can Cash Purchase Happiness?

Can Cash Purchase Happiness?

On this video I will be answering the age-old—however nonetheless controversial—query of whether or not cash should purchase happiness. We’ll check out the science and a few actual …

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  1. Money will only help me 50% of the way cause I won’t have to worry about bills, food, the little things, etc. The rest is up to me, I haven’t watched the whole video but where people go wrong is they think it will 100% make you happy but money is just what makes the world go round not you

  2. I have a story, my friend is a very rich woman, she has everything.. beauty, intelligence and wealth. then she married a man she liked, even though he wasn't very rich. However, in the middle of her marriage .. she had to face the fact that her husband was cheating on her with another woman. his mistress is not rich. So I think happiness can't be bought with money. loyalty, honesty, love is a grace. cannot be bought with money.

  3. Money doesn't buy happiness , it buys comfort ( which contributes to happiness ) . The moment you run for money without appreciating the comfort it buys you you'll be unhappy

  4. Comparing really is bad but I struggle to stop doing it. I try to keep telling myself to stop doing it every time I find myself comparing but I still find it difficult. It's like the more I try to stop, the more I keep on thinking about it instead. Any suggestions?

  5. That’s why we need god in our life because the soul isn’t something that can be satiated with food or materialism.The food for the soul is through the remembrance of god .Now money is a means to do good things for others that makes you in return happy .

  6. For me when i say money can't buy happiness , what i mean is being rich doesn't buy happiness
    But ofc if u r poor that's wrong
    So basically what i mean is
    When u r poor then money buy happiness but if u gain balanced salary then it doesn't buy happiness, i mean often

  7. I think money should be seen as something that helps you live the life that you want, but it shouldn't be the only goal. I'm a software developer and I am passionate about it. I feel like a child being paid for playing with his toys. Nevertheless, I want to use my knowledge to make a change… somewhere. In order to do that I need the freedom to experiment, that's why I'm trying to get some passive income. There is a simple reason for it… Experiments usually fail, but when they don't, they'll change the world.

  8. Great video bro as always
    As mentioned in the start of the book your money or your life this will change your relationship with money
    Me: ofcourse did it 🤯

  9. Yes, Money Can Buy Happiness. Spending money can, in fact, increase your happiness — if it's spent in a way that jibes with your personality. … Researchers analyzed 76,000 bank transaction records, examining what people spent their money on — either material objects or experiences.

  10. I was really interested in seeing the point of view of someone that talks so openly about money like Ali and honestly this was really good , I'm not disappointed at all .

  11. No, I mean you can still be miserable while making 6-7 figures income don't get me wrong.
    However, money does give you the opportunity of being financially free (especially from toxic people that use them to blackmail you and hold them against you), havin your own place without 8 shitty roommates, therapy (health care is free in my country but therapy is expensive), and vacations. So having money is pretty nice.

  12. There is no nobility in poverty, I've been a rich man and I've been a poor man and I choose rich every f**cking time. / The Wolf of Wall Street

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