1. Colleen: ugh I don't wannna blow it upppp!!!

    me: …..

    Colleen: are u gonna dislike this if I don't??

    me: yes.

    Colleen: we aren't blowing it up… DEAL WITH IT.

    me: ** dislikes the video**

    Colleen: *puts on the clown costume*

    me: ** dis- dislikes the video, and clicks the like button**

  2. You're sister did Supergirl (and rocked the look, even though she is a brunette and Supergirl is a blonde) so you should do Wonder Woman, Colleen. If I'd have gotten the memo about sending you Halloween costumes I'd have sent you a Wonder Woman costume that "didn't fit" my 300-pound body.

  3. Using my daughters account coz borrowed her ipad- lots if winey people writing comments bout Colleen ‘complaining’ bout the costumes and her not wanting to do the video. Who cares. She’s always is honest with us. I don’t think she realized til she tried the costumes on and then saw they were funny. I mean literally they were all blow ups I would have been annoyed too. Variety would have been nice but in the end I liked them.
    Colleen can you do another costume try on but with ones u like, mayb get erik, Corey, Rachel and Flynn to choose one too.

    I was interested the whole way even when ur saying your not in the mood. You’re allowed to feel that way. You got other stuff to do too. So don’t listen to the wingers though everyoneallowed to have an opinion. I’d rather have something than nothing to watch. Love you. (From kopykat does fun and silly). Xxxxxx I love Corey being around more in ur vids atm too like ghost hunting and today and ur vlog I just watched making pumpkin thum decorations. You ate Oreo cake. Yum xxxx

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