Buying at Residence Community: Mark Hamill for Sale – SNL

Buying at Residence Community: Mark Hamill for Sale – SNL

The hard-selling hosts (Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan) provide bizarre collectibles within the Stars Wars Bonanza together with one particular merchandise: Mark Hamill. Callers need Hamill …

50 thoughts on “Buying at Residence Community: Mark Hamill for Sale – SNL

  1. Its hilarious how the cast act like the diehard Star Wars fans that act like the characters are really real. 😆 🤣 But don't get me wrong. My favorite friends are my geeky star wars friends, they are the most sincere friends too. But damn…that star wars life… lol I like the saga too, but not like they do.

  2. Oh boy….I remember the seasons during which SNL wasn't good enough to generate even one laugh. Good thing they had Norm MacDonald.

  3. so hold on, is is this a real auction?

    if so id pay 80k for mark hamill. we could have such fun. Go for walks in the park together, fetch lightsabre sticks, roll over and id tickle his tummy. and at night he could sit in front of the fireplace as i smoked my pipe and drank brandy. But i aint picking up his poop.

  4. Confession time:.Back in those crazy mid to late 90’s,I used to tape all those QVC SW Shows..This sketch is actually pretty close.

  5. If this episode was realeased in 1977 , then how does he look so much older than he did in 1977 interviews I saw in YouTube …..

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