Buying At Costco For Meat & Seafood – What To Purchase & Keep away from

Buying At Costco For Meat & Seafood – What To Purchase & Keep away from

I went again to my glad place, Costco, to indicate you the way to buy beef, rooster, seafood, lamb, pork, and extra on the warehouse membership. There are some nice …

35 thoughts on “Buying At Costco For Meat & Seafood – What To Purchase & Keep away from

  1. I love your videos very nice can you please make a video about good seasonings at Costco trader joes or any place in trying to go all clean organic and simple

  2. you obviously have not seen what happens with Farm Fish and the requirements of FDA certification :/ If you buy Costco, Walmart, or any other mass retail fish, that is what you are getting, and you can see it, you just don't know because you never worked on a Fish Farm.

  3. Any box of 10 choice steaks you will probably get 3 to 4 low grade choice close to select then you will get three choice steaks then you may get three higher grade choice That may be close to prime. You have to grade the individual steaks yourself no matter what the packaging says

  4. I came across this channel and enjoyed the content, thank you! But we are very annoyed when you pick up all the products, talk a bunch about them, and just THROW THEM BACK RANDOMLY to the display instead of gently placing them back the way you picked them up.
    This shows that you have probably never worked at retail and does not seem to be a very considerate shopper.

    Otherwise, interesting content! Thank you.

  5. Research Norwegian farmed salmon, you won’t touch it. Stick with wild salmon, the flesh is naturally coloured and less fat strips.

  6. Not Fair, here in Australia we pay for lamb, on Special , AUD$10.45 Lb = USD $7.45, this normally hovers around the $20.00Lb = about $15.00 lb

  7. I worked in a meat department of a market for three years. I got more complaints for organic beef and chicken than anything else.

  8. Unfortunately, those grain fed frozen burger patties taste AWFUL. Taste is “off”, almost if they meat went bad before freezing. Thought it was a fluke. Hubby bought their chicken patties, and they are just as bad tasting. Kf I’m going to get precooked burger patties, I’m going with the Quik N’ Eat brand. YES, they are high in sodium and whatever, but they taste like a freshly grilled and seasoned Angus beef patty. So back to the grass fed frozen patties…why waste the money in buying something that tastes absolutely AWFUL? Be healthy and natural on most things, but give me a GREAT tasting, perfectly seasoned burger any day!

  9. I haven’t went to Costco in years there is one somewhat close to me and I’m very picky with meat I usually buy at BJS but I want to see what meat Costco has in my area this is a great video to follow and informative I love organic

  10. Bobby $20. for a Cluck? I am a disabled senior, 12 years post Gastro-bipast. I have lost my job in March because of Covid-19 and gained 20 pounds. I can not afford the food costs or the waste from trying to feed one Gormond.

  11. PHOSPHATES ARE IN COSTCO FROZEN SCALLOPS…..Scallops are often soaked in a phosphate solution that whitens them and makes them absorb more liquid, increasing their weight by as much as 30 percent.

  12. When salmon gets close to aging limit, it goes on sale, like all other perishables. Who made this guy an expert? Ground turkey used to be from thigh meat, now it comes from comminuted meat. It all is horrible (ever notice that ground turkey is watery to the touch in the container as well as in raw state out of the package, it is the mechanical deboning process that does that. there is no muscle striation to be gathered by comminuting. Also, get educated man. That logo for Certified Humane (on first package) is not the gold standard program by HFAC, it is not correct verbiage, not a 3rd party verified program. The second call out is.

    Dude, Australian, New Zealand lamb just plain sucks. Go for the USDA Spring Fed Lamb, domestic lamb cannot be beat. Not gamy at all.

    Jacard is not used in all states because according to some local food safety laws, by using a Jacard machine the meat must be sold as non-intact muscle. If it is cooked in a restaurant it needs to be cooked to over 160 degrees. The reason they are Jacarding at all is that they do not age their meat so without the benefit of wet aging, the connective tissue and natural enzymatic breakdown of the muscle is not given time to make more tender, hence Jacarding. And you are greatly mistake if you think that Grading has anything to do with tenderness. Scientific fact, read CSU documentation on aging protocols. You can cook to any temp you want but for liability concerns, they are going to all out cooking times. You need to get educated on ingredient statements.

    Organic does not mean it is a product of the USA, it just means that the meat was verified to be Organic. You should be an advocate for reinstating the COOL packaging requirement that went out the window during Obama era. Consumers don't know much and this was an end around for Canadian beef (nearly 100% barley fed) and Mexican beef (which I call poison resulting form the high levels of beta agonists used in the feed).

    Get educated and be of service to your subscribers, you could do with a real life walk through Costco by someone who can help educate you so you can pass it on. Foodie; over informed, under educated.

  13. This guy has always been mixing good info with bad info. Now that he’s so friendly with Costco, I’d take everything he says with a huge grain of salt.

  14. I purchased ground organic turkey. It was bad. In Florida. It smelled. We could have gotten really ill. So disappointed. Just an FYI. Check your turkey 🦃

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