"BUY LOCAL Track" – Chris Good & The Candy Revolt (Ann Arbor version) Official Music Video

"BUY LOCAL Track" – Chris Good & The Candy Revolt (Ann Arbor version) Official Music Video

Web site: www.chrisgoodmusic.com

Ann Arbor’s ‘purchase native!’ group supported music video collaboration that includes greater than 50 space companies, organizations, and musicians!


Chris Good: guitar, vocals, lyrics, music
Brennan Andes: bass
Ross Huff: trumpet
Julian Allen: drums
Randall Moore: percussion
Alekos Syropoulos: saxaphone
Mike Shea: percussion
Josef Deas: keys
James Cornelison: electrical guitar
Kate Peterson: vocals
Lindsay Rilko: vocals
Jess Mccumons: vocals
Brant Losinski: vocals
Jim Roll: vocals:

Recorded, blended, and mastered by Jim Roll @ Backseat Productions, Ann Arbor
Produced & directed by: Chris Good
Assistant producer: Dave Schall
Video enhancing, digicam: Dave Schall at DSA Studio One, Ann Arbor
Further digicam work: Chris Good
safety by Nelson

Group advisors: Heidi Beck, Jason Frenzal, Matthew Altruda, Maura Thomson, Ingrid Ault, Mike Levine, Michael Lee, LuAnne Harley

Group sponsors & actors (showing so as):
Lyman Rhodes, Evan Dayringer, Britten Stringwell, Hilary Nichols, Miriam Dowd, Megan Sims, Janee Messer (The Yellow Barn)
Mary Thiefels & Danijel Matanic (John Copley’s Vacation Artwork)
Brian & Laura (Roos Roast Espresso)
Elmo Morales (Elmo’s Foremost St. Tshirts)
Mary Wessel Walker (Harvest Kitchen)
Richard Sheridan & James Goebel (Menlo Improvements)
John Bellfi, Jamie Geddes, Silvio Medoro, Dan Vernia (Silvio’s Natural Pizza)
Noah Goldsmith, Eric Citadel (The Wafel Store)
Maura Thomson (Ann Arbor Foremost Avenue Space Affiliation)
Owen Harley Kruschwitz (boy with soccer ball)
Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys (acting at Wolverine Brewing Co.)
Nick, Leila, and Iris Durrie (Individuals’s Meals Coop consumers)
Kacey Keel, Lena Cintron, Ian Mackenzie (Frita Batidos)
Rodger Bowser (Zingerman’s Deli)
Mike Kruzel (Stadium {Hardware})
Nicola Rooney (Nicola’s Bookstore)
David Klingenberger (The Brinery)
Paul Bantle & Annie Elder (Group Farm of Ann Arbor)
Matthew & Carter Altruda (Tree City Sound)
Mayor John Heiftje
Sofia Castillo, Eve Aronoff, Joe Bedtelyon (Frita Batidos)
Rob Mackercher, Grace Rother, Emily Iverson (Gardenworks Natural Farm)
(Pilar’s Tamales)
Matt Greff (Arbor Brewing Firm)
Linda Lombardini & Sandi Smith (Trillium Actual Property)
Jerry Kozak (Ann Arbor Tshirt Firm)
Judy Heady, Kim Bayer, Shannon Brines, Erica Kempter, Janet Osborn, Val Benka (Gradual Meals of Huron Valley)
Jessica Wade Johnston (Falling Water)
Bella Fernandez, Matthew Altruda, Samantha West, Sue Corney, and Jan Grey (Financial institution of Ann Arbor)
David, Michael, Wealthy, Chip, Dustin, Johnny (Orion Automotive)
E.T. Crowe and Josh Evans (Wolverine Brewing Firm)
Vicki Honeyman (Heavenly Metallic)
(Chelsea Flower Store)
Lucas DiGia (Rap for Meals)
Robbie Shulz and Andy Sienkiewicz (The Final Phrase)

3 thoughts on “"BUY LOCAL Track" – Chris Good & The Candy Revolt (Ann Arbor version) Official Music Video

  1. Wow! I actually clicked your video without knowing you were supporting Ann Arbor! My husband & I own a local business in Flint, and often travel to Ann Arbor to do some comparison shopping & to get fresh ideas (The Produce Station is our favorite!!) This video is awesome, I'd love to share it on our Facebook! ✌️

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