Bride's Grandmother Needs Her to Purchase a New Gown | Say Sure To The Gown UK

Bride's Grandmother Needs Her to Purchase a New Gown | Say Sure To The Gown UK

Rachel has already discovered and purchased a marriage gown that she loves, nevertheless her grandmother needs her to purchase a brand new robe that she approves of. Watch Full …

45 thoughts on “Bride's Grandmother Needs Her to Purchase a New Gown | Say Sure To The Gown UK

  1. I actually preferred her original dress, this one was a bit boring. But anyway I know it’s just a TV show but I hate when they show them dresses over their budget. A regular person would be heart broken to fall in love with a dress when they can’t afford it.

  2. It wasn't grandma who said she was fatter it was her bride's man. Don't put words in someone else's mouth when they weren't there in the first place.

  3. So disrespectful to outright disregard the set budget. What if the granny or the bride didn't have the extra? Would you break their heart by showing them dresses that they can't afford?

  4. Agree with many that the consultant should never have put her in an over budget dress. I just love the grandma! Sell the old dress and remake the money! Trade it in to the shop!

  5. Why is she letting her Grandma pay for her dress? Like, wear the dress you got or save money for a new one. I would feel sick to not only let my granny pay, but go over the budget. The Bride should’ve said “no” I’ll pay the extra at least and the needed alterations.🙄

  6. The grandmother already had her day as the bride, jeez 🙄😑

    It’s her granddaughters day, it’s the granddaughter who already paid for her own dress but the grandmother wants her to waste money on a new dress that is supposed to pay for the venue in the budget, the catering, the flower arrangements, photographers, music, the officiant, uh hello 😑

    Budget, budget, budget.

  7. they should have put the veil on her while trying on the previous dress first, maybe grandma will change her mind and they can save lots of money

  8. Ignoring rest of the things, I wish I had a grandma like this. I never got the chance to see my grandma. But she is insanely CUTE❤️

  9. Respect the budget! Never show or try on a dress you cannot afford…very disappointed the salesperson…. she must work on commission.

  10. Her dress is old fashioned and does nothing for her figure. Granny is right, a new one is necessary 👍💝 dress 3 is close to her old one…ugly and too high up the neck 👎

  11. I hate when they show a dress over budget. Theres a really big chance that the bride will love it and will have to pay way over her budget to get it. They basically push the brides to buy dress out of there budget for the money. The only reason you should show something over the original budget is if the bride is willing to spend more.

  12. I don’t understand why they say the dress is 500 hundred pounds over budget….no it’s 600 hundred over my love. Can’t you count? 🙈

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