Black Desert On-line – Ought to You Purchase?

Black Desert On-line – Ought to You Purchase?

Black Desert On-line – Ought to You Purchase?
Is Black Desert On-line for you? This is a pair explanation why I’m having fun with the sport and presumably some purpose you’ll or could not benefit from the sport.

10 thoughts on “Black Desert On-line – Ought to You Purchase?

  1. Man in my opinion a game being repetitive is not a pro nor con. Every game is repetitive , you can not create a game that is unique everytime you start a new character , playthrough , etc.

  2. So i see that it is pay to play… ive never seen this before and i need some help understanding how to actually go in and PLAY the game. And does it require monthly fees? ive seen that but then also one time payments and im just confused. thanks in advance!

  3. Ended up getting this game, and honestly…I don't see where the complaints are. People must of been playing this game 24/7 and got burnt out. I guess it was all YouTubers and Twitch players.
    I would of loved for a game like this years ago when I had more free time as there is so much to do in this game.

  4. Nice video. It's refreshing to see a nice balanced viewpoint. There have been a lot of negative videos recently on 'why BDO sucks' etc. People seem to have rushed this game and have burnt out and are now complaining about the various 'catchup' methods that the devs are implementing (eg. i heard that theyve increased the amount of money you get when you hit level milestones now) which are always goign to happen and are essential to keeping the game new-player friendly.

    I haven't actually played this game yet but I intend to this week after exams, any tips for starting out? Or just take it as it comes?

    Also, what would you say with regard to buying the basic package of the game or the one which gives you a pet and tier 3 horse? Am I better buying the basic package and just spending the rest on the cash shop? Any tips would be appreciated

  5. Great review of this game. I normally dont like mmos but this has been a very enjoyable game. For a future video, it would be cool if you did a housing guide/funiture crafting.

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