Bike Firm Provides Reductions To Sure Individuals🙄

Bike Firm Provides Reductions To Sure Individuals🙄

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39 thoughts on “Bike Firm Provides Reductions To Sure Individuals🙄

  1. I have a black friend who lives near there who said for 50 dollars he will go in and buy a bike for any white person who wants one. So far he’s got over 100 offers to go buy. He said his prices are the lowest. Most asking 100. So yea good luck you idiots.

  2. This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Would my friend who is half black and half Italian get a 25% discount? Also I looked at the company and their bikes are insanely expensive. Just a frame alone would cost over $1,000.

  3. It looks like they are taking Stephen King's The Stand and getting woke. Imagine replacing Ralph Brentner with an Asian chick and Larry Underwood with a black dude. Bleh.

  4. So a white guy with a low paid job or maybe no job at all but a little bit of saved money – will not get a discount – because of his SKIN COLOR. That it? Thats where we're going? I hope these people fail and lose their business for their discriminatory policy.

  5. It's a brilliant marketing move. They get free publicity. The two black dudes who buy a bike won't break the company. Its a win/win.

  6. No bs, just an FYI 500 is not expensive. My average bike cost when I raced was 8 thousand. With that said .the bikes they build are expensive considering they don't make race ,freestyle or even competition bikes. They make bikes with shitty geometry meant for the average person who just pedals. Average over 1k

  7. They want racial equality? Time to strip away ALL of the affirmative action laws & have the SCOTUS forever deem them as racist.

  8. Honestly I dont see a problem with this if they want to give discounts for minorities. No better time to be quarter black and 1/1000 cherokee being Pan Sexual……Wink wink.

  9. Remember when people (most likely gay men…you'll see what I mean by that later) said that "Ladies' Night" should be illegal because it gave women a discount, catering to one specific sex? If THAT is illegal, then THIS is DEFINITELY illegal.
    The difference is that Ladies' Night was not really about giving a discount to women. What it really did was it helped the bars get more customers on days of the week that regularly saw less traffic. The women (straight, lesbian, whatever) would come in for the discounted drinks but the presence of the women would encourage straight men to come in, as well…who would then offer to buy drinks for some of the women. It didn't discriminate against either men or women based solely on their sex. Conversely, THIS is illegal because it's just something to pander to the Leftist black community. It doesn't have ANY unifying element to it.

  10. Next will be a separate entrance to a separate section with separate prices. Wow how original, stunning, and brave!
    No one has ever thought to do this before!

  11. The "reparations" your referring to were given to the slave owners, not the slaves/ former slaves. And btw….those same reparations were given to the slaves owners descendants, all the way up to the 1950's.

  12. Why are conservatives usually the biggest snowflake hypocrites? Probably cuz of the president they look up to 💀 combat wombat made u look real stupid on Twitter and YouTube

  13. Rivendell is actually ! Badass bike company. But yeah this is an attempt to diversify yet again another hobby that is mostly white people.

  14. This advertising campaign isn't aimed at blacks. It is aimed at virtue-signalling whites that buy their bikes. Which makes it really creepily racist

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