BIG Nintendo Swap Gross sales Revealed And Is This The Finish of Google Stadia? | Information Wave

BIG Nintendo Swap Gross sales Revealed And Is This The Finish of Google Stadia? | Information Wave

Nintendo reported their gross sales for the Vacation quarter exhibiting huge console gross sales and several other first celebration titles passing 20 million items offered. The Swap is …

36 thoughts on “BIG Nintendo Swap Gross sales Revealed And Is This The Finish of Google Stadia? | Information Wave

  1. Let's be honest, any drawbacks to owning physical hardware were few and far between, unlike Stadia, whose problems have been apparent since day 1. There's a term for what Google was trying to do. You know what it's called? "Reinventing the wheel".

  2. I was willing to give Stadia a chance at first and then the launch was a trainwreck and things just kept getting worse for the service. Like releasing Launch games for free within 2 weeks of launch when they were just $60 and then doing the same thing again the following month. Not to mention the massive problems.

  3. Let’s talk about long jevity game play on consoles , well from my experience people buying the switch from family, adults etc.. switch fans fail to realize , this part of the gaming world , people who own a switch attends to sell it with in a 3 to 6 months span of owning , one , to where as a console owner will buy his particular console of need and will own it for years to come , meaning the sales of a switch may have gone up but to own one after buying one and owning it for a long time is unlikely to happen, so too me and with my experience and seeing happen a lot , Sony and Microsoft, is in no worries of losing in this gaming world .

  4. Stadia is freaking awesome! Been using it for over a month. 4k 60fps and not drop frames! I get days that i play 9 hours straight with no issues! I got xbox sx but stadia as something that keeps me engaged! Freaking awesome!!!

  5. Honestly though, were there really ppl that didn't think the Switch would do well? I mean you'd have to be braindead to think that. As soon as I heard about it I knew it would be an absolute smash hit & would break all of the sales records. It was pretty obvious that it would to be honest. I mean a Tablet style console that can be played portable and on the TV? There was no way it wouldn't have been successful.

  6. Jfc I'm so sick of these anti stadia videos pushing narratives. The model was great, it didn't need to be a subscription it just needed the features it promised and more games

  7. Wow this is great for the Switch. This proves no one wants microtransactions. All the top games are Nintendo and none of them have MT's.

  8. For how long Stadia is active, I think depends on what we define as being active. is the 3DS still active? Cause you can still buy games for the 3DS. If that is where we draw the line it might have 2 years left. Was the Wii U active in 2017, then Stadia might have 1½ year left. Are we talking Switch in 2020, then it doesn't seem like Stadia is active anymore.

  9. Google is an advertising company, they know nothing about gaming. If they did, they would release a console, not a bad streaming program. Keep to advertising, you're good at it.

  10. I think one of the big reasons the Switch is selling so well is because it's a personal console that got so popular, not a family console. One of my friends is a part of a big family, when the Wii was out they had 2. They now have 6 Switches. Bigger families are getting one for all of their kids since it's a hybrid handheld/regular handheld.

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