BIG Change, PS5, Xbox Vacation Gross sales Go Dwell And EGS Leak Reveals A Bunch of Free Video games? | Information Wave

BIG Change, PS5, Xbox Vacation Gross sales Go Dwell And EGS Leak Reveals A Bunch of Free Video games? | Information Wave

With the Holidays right here it appears to be like like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are all beginning up their large Vacation gross sales with some fairly strong reductions on video games that got here …

36 thoughts on “BIG Change, PS5, Xbox Vacation Gross sales Go Dwell And EGS Leak Reveals A Bunch of Free Video games? | Information Wave

  1. if you end up getting a switch, I recommend breath of the wild of course, but my next extremely, highly recommended game would be an indie game called Manifold Garden. it's one of the most transcendental experiences I've ever had and it's remarkable that it was achieved through a video game 🤯 whatever price it is, it's worth it, but it's also on other platforms

  2. Every time the character dies the planet changes, it resurrects the character, and it's all random but it seems the farther the character progresses the harder the game becomes with every reset

  3. avenger isnt a broken game its just a bad one thats the difference. Cyberpunk is a good game but is broken on og xbox1and ps4s period

  4. I thought for sure fenyx rising wouldn't go on sale for months after release and then not a month later it's 40$ for switch. What?!

  5. As someone who bought the final fantasy 7 remake on sale last month for 40$ I felt bitterly disappointed with the fact that it’s on 30$ now that’s a really good deal

  6. Honestly, I was seriously surprised when I first discovered among us and saw that it was free on mobile and just 4€ on steam. I play on my pc, I was going to buy the game on steam myself anyways, but a friend just randomly decided to gift it to me on steam. Still weird that it's as cheap as it is.

    I just looked it up and now it's even cheaper with a discount thingy currently going on on steam (3,19€ instead of 3,99€)

  7. I feel that patch 1.05 made Cyberpunk 2077 worse for me on PC. The asset loading time was a issue but was very minor, now not even the game loading screens appear to be right! It's a shame because I'm having fun with the game. It run's surprisingly well on my low spec PC (Xeon E3-1225 V3, GTX1060 6G) with medium/high settings at 48FPS. Minor graphical glitches, but now a large loading time for assets.

  8. not everyone online thinks it's a dumpster fire I personally love the game and I'm having so much fun the only people who think it's a dumpster fire are game journalists he's right a lot of other games came out and worse condition assassin's Creed Valhalla has more bugs than cyberpunk 2077 you don't hear people talking about suing them it's fucking ridiculous all because they refuse to remove a trans cock from a commercial shame on you

  9. Nintendo has deals on several EA games through January 4th including half-off Burnout Paradise and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

  10. Gamestop sells games as new that have been opened, dumb asses. Going to get Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox One S today, maybe I'm the dumb ass???

  11. Pretty good sales on all three consoles! I don’t think I’ll be getting anything, but I definitely see the value in them!

  12. Sum up the cyberpunk situation in a sentence: we keep saying we don't know how it can get worse, and it just keeps surprising us

  13. I understand the portability factor of digital games, but i still hold the cartridge near and dear. I have a wife and son who play games also and digital games makes it hard to share some of those games. It would be easy if we all played on a single system, but as of right now, we own 3 PS4s so not having to activate qnd deactivate primary PS4 status is nice. Unless they find a way for me to share a digital game across multiple systems, a cartridge or disc will be the best option for me. Maybe they can find a way to allow sharing if systems are on the same network, but who knows.

    edit: I own a switch and my son owns a switch lite, so again, cartridges are best option for multiple systems

  14. I'm excited for a free Darkest Dungeon and Night in the Woods 🙂 I heard great things about both when they were newer. Also kind of looking forward to My Time in Portia, although I haven't heard anyone really raving about it i always think I'd like to play it when I see screenshots, and it's not like I've heard anything bad about it either.
    I'm pretty sure a lot of the games have been free before. Certainly I already have Cities: Skylines and Inside (which I wouldn't have bought since I bought them on Steam), Metro 2033 (which I might have bought, not sure), and Torchlight II which was very recently free but I'm not overly impressed with Torchlight and might not finish.
    Also, Epic Games is constantly giving out free games, one or two ever two weeks at least, sometimes more… but one a day during Christmastime is pretty nice, even for those of us who have already got some of the repeats, but especially for people who haven't been using the store until now.
    If nothing else, the constant influx of free games has helped me break my addiction to buying random junk on sale, heh. Now that I have a never-ending always-growing pile of random junk, I only buy games that I actually intend to play right away. 🙂

  15. Where did you get horror from for Returnal? They made it pretty clear it was gonna be randomly generated action game from the first reveal? Only have to look at their other games to work out what kind of arcadey gameplay it was gonna be.

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