1. I highly recommend his Patreon go look at his portfolio its just reached 2.1 mill lots of good information there and stock analysis

  2. Goerge. If you do day trading n send the enter n exit signal every day, I would like to get a membership n even pay more.

  3. EVs are cameras on wheels and I don’t think the US and it’s allies will allow a Chinese company to map, record, and share data like that with the CCP. Nio will be big in China, but that’s it.

  4. I have gone knew deep into Nio for now, its actually a great stock and am sure if you pay more attention to it you'd see how promising it is, Nio all the way for me this 2021.

  5. Love his page and gives a lot of great info. Owe him on early entry with nio. Can anyone vouch for his Patreon? I’ve tried trading communities in the past but they haven’t been the best.

  6. What are the best Canadian Stocks to buy now? Can you do a research on this topic in your channel as well?
    Great Content 👏 👏 👏

  7. A family member of mine is about to have double jaw surgery. Everyone should look into it just in case it may be helpful, with all due respect.

  8. So… i got a new tenant in my property yesterday, she gave me $2k deposit, and today i bought 115 shares of oac with these money. Let’s see if this deposit can make me some gains

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