33 thoughts on “BEST Cosmetics To Purchase Throughout The Massive World Low cost! – My Ideas – Seven Lethal Sins: Grand Cross

  1. Hopefully you enjoy this insight into what I believe are the most valuable Cosmetics to buy as I pick up all the best ones for my Free To Play account! – Really excited now I've got a nice chunk of additional fire power to make that push to Champion 1 to get all my Gems back =)

  2. what i wish they would do, is add cosmetics to one off chars, like the slime units or KOF ones, for those who have the units but couldnt buy them while their respective collabs were there, dont even care if they got a discount, i just want stuff for my Kyo

  3. I went for a simp move and bought Camila's cosmetics, as well as the top priority for me (not a spender, just a bad saver lol)

  4. Quick question I currently run lostvayne blue goddess Liz and blue king and Merlin in the back should I replace blue king with red rank up gowther? Or is it better to keep it as is I’m asking bc I don’t have the other rank up gowther

  5. I’m straight up broke after summoning for Assult meli and Escanor going to 900 twice I have nothing else to grind so I can’t even buy this on jp

  6. When you read this i know you remmember the loz or los vane banner i just spent 400+ diamonds and get no new hero i swear i am just the most unlukiest guy in games like this

  7. Yeah i cant afford those i have to save diamonds again and i will use the diamonds on cosmitic i really dont care anymore koz i am just the most unluky guy everytime i went for a spin in any banners so yeah

  8. You know i was saving diamonds for
    2 to 3 days and i saved 122 diamonds koz i was waiting for the new update 2021 update abd when the update come i was so happy very very very happy koz i just save 122 diamonds and then i went to the new banner and you know what happen 122 diamonds spend on R AND SR no ssr and i waitd for the season koz they give you 30+ diamond koz my rant is platinum and when i claimed the 30+ diamond i went to the new banner and get 1 SR and 10 R

  9. Fellow Free-to-Play players (such as my self) If you are deciding between the One Escanor and Assault Mode Meliodas i have made a strategy. If you get fairly lucky you should spend 600 diamonds on Za ONE and stop (or keep going) until you get him and save 600 diamonds on the Assault Mode Meliodas banner, but if you don't want to I would summon on Assault Mode Meliodas because Meliodas Tarmiel and Sariel are somewhat Escanor counters

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