33 thoughts on “Beijing denounces U.S. arms sale to Taiwan

  1. may i give an opinion…with regard to taking taiwan by force by the central government….i will like to bring to attention that if china consider taiwan as a natural part and territory of china then the central government accordingly…should make a formal announcement to the people in these territory that are breaking the law and rule of the central government… request them to return back to law and order…request them to send representatives if they can…thus for this purpose the central government should designate a specific date for the people in the territory to comply with the demand as the territory is considered natural part of china…hopefully they will comply by the specific date…if not then the central government have the right to use physical force to bring the territory back to peace and harmony with the mainland….

  2. Taiwan is a independent country.. They can buy their weapons from anyone.. I think you guys are trying to interference in Taiwan’s sovereignty.. Stop acting like a bully to your neighbors..

  3. Leave Taiwan alone, they don’t want to be part of u, CCP, same as Hongkong …. If u r good, why they have to run away from u?

  4. USA has done a great job eliminating the population of the world, fact check time: how many people did they kill directly and indirectly in the wars worldwide?

  5. LOL. China just denounces & US keeps on instigating. China afraid of war. China had technology but no war experience. Probably by their defensive behaviour they would never have & US would gobble China.

  6. Tsai acts like a warlord; she only wants power to herself and her party. She doesn't care about the future of young people in Taiwan. She is planning her escape as soon as war come – SAD. Do young people of Taiwan willing to let her go, and die for her?

  7. Liberate Hong Kong!!
    The Revolution of Our Time!!


  8. Taiwan as the β€œgood cop”, Beijing Politburo from Mainland China as the β€œbad cop”:
    both work together to achieve the Wall Street agenda NWO, following the Rockfelker~Kissinger~AIPAC~Israel road map (best friend of China, dixit Xi’JingPing).

    no one is Hitler, all belong Wall Street Criminal Evil Banksters of Zion!



  9. US only focus on REVENUE from weapon sales…. Taiwan is just another US's water fish

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