Be Cautious Shopping for a Gaming Laptop computer…

Be Cautious Shopping for a Gaming Laptop computer…

The very best gaming laptops in 2021 can have RTX 3060, 3070 and 3080 GPUs inside. However the naming is shady this yr. Be told. Gaming Laptop computer Energy …

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  1. I REALLY don't like how Nvidia is naming their laptop GPUs this year. It's going to be a much more complex purchase decision. What do you think is the solution? How do you think should they name their laptop GPUs?

  2. Why do reviewers always do CYA for these companies? Just call it straight: The GPU model name does not represent the power and the company must want it that way.

  3. Nvidia Control Panel lists my Asus A17 FA706QR RTX3070 as 95W. I also think it just got nerfed with yesterday's BIOS updates. Core frequency is now 1290mhz, used to be higher before that. In case you want to add to your list

  4. Not buying any GPU yet. Nvidia cannot just keep increasing each GPU generation's power consumption to make up for the lack of innovation and architectural improvements. Even then the perf jump too little and price jump is too high. This is insane. Waiting for the next Maxwell

  5. Hi bro , Please prepare the page of performance with TDP for the 30 series GPUs and upload it soon as I am planning to buy a laptop (legion 5 pro) from U.S.A through my relative from U.S.A. as soon as it launches in March. This will help me a lot as I am planning to buy this through my relative and not by myself . So, YOUR SHEET WILL HELP ME A LOT and please mention the TDP with graphics of the legion 5 pro 2021 series as soon as it launches in March .And one more thing , D2D has got a new subscriber .

  6. Any thoughts on MSI GP66 leopard? I'm trying to find the info on wattage but can't find it (don't know if I use the wrong term or just don't know where to look).

    Edit: I found that it has battery 65 Battery (whr). Is it the same with tgp in watts?

  7. Thanks Dave on this awesome pointer, do you mind adding the zephyrus g15, ryzen 9 5900HS with 3060 GPU and Strix G15, ryzen 7 5800h with rtx 3060 to your spreadsheet. I am debating on which one to grab $300 CAD more for the zephyrus G15 – which one would you recommend, I am not a heavy gamer like before… but will be using this laptop for DJing/VideoDJ and everyday use most of the time. Thanks….

  8. It was the same with 2070 we had 80w 90w and 115w and as good as the 115w was, my laptop was useless on my lap because of the heat; next time ill go the 90w 3080

  9. Thank you for helping us out with this! I'm looking to get an rtx 30 series laptop ASAP but I guess I will have to be a bit patient to be safe :/

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