44 thoughts on “Bathtub & Physique Works 2020 Semi Annual Sale SAS Information, Updates & Suggestions

  1. I want shower gels, and travel size mini and pocket bac that I don't have and a few body creams too. I want to go on the first day but I also want the lowest price I can get so I think I will go twice

  2. I’ve been shopping semi annual sale for years and I don’t ever remember my store having candles 75% off…..maybe they just go so fast I’ve missed them lol

  3. Do you think it will be smarter to shop online or in stores? Selection wise and price wise? Especially if I wanna stock up on Christmas scents

  4. I'm new to this whole B&BW life ..what is your guess to stock up on holiday Sweet Whiskey line..Do I hold out for the following week to get 75%..do they usually have any candles in january @ 75%…im scared to miss out almost as much as I am scared to pay too much 🙂

  5. Bonnie, I stumbled upon you just before candle day and I’m so glad that I did! You bring me so much joy watching your videos. Then I go reorganize my collection, smell all the scents, and think about what new scents I want! 😀🥰

  6. Hi Bonnie, another cute shirt ! Yay SAS coming up ! Yes this whole year went very fast! This month flew by & hard to believe you will soon be changing your back round with different products to review. Lol. New Year , new exciting products! Oh wow , Cotton Candy kind of body care ! That would be nice. I like to wait until 75% off. Yes soap, sanitizers & shower gels. Thanks for the SAS tips & the best way to spend on the products to get the best deals. 😊💗

  7. Such a helpful video! Thank you so much 💕 I might just wait a week or two before going in-store (easier said than done haha!) I’m a little worried it will get crazy at my local store on day one.

  8. I got a 20 percent off coupon email since part of my order was canceled and i can use the code online only, can I use it on SAS or will it be like candle day where you couldnt use an extra code?

  9. I really hope they have the sweet magnolia and clementine because I've been wanting that for the longest. I was extremely upset when I ran out

  10. I'm planning to go on the first day of SAS early in the morning. Do you think that's a good idea? Or should I wait a few days? You mentioned in the video that they only tend to have 50% off on the first day. Just wondering!

  11. Definitely stocking up with the Christmas scents especially Coconut Mint Drop & Winter Candy Apple and Christmas Cookies..
    And also the Bakery Shop collection especially Raspberry Jelly Donut yum..
    Also stocking up on more Sugared Cherry Crisp most definitely..
    And the only candle I want is Peppermint Sugar Cookie 💚❄️🍪 hopefully they go 75% or if they have a buy1get1free sale for candles..

  12. Hello Bonnie , can you give an advice? now the candles (3) are in 15 usd, I'm new in the bbw's world, so I want to know if should I pick up or wait to the semi anual sale? because I can't go to the stores I buy on line, I'm from Mexico,I hope you or someone of your suscribers can help me😀

  13. I'm hoping that lemon drop martini and watermelon Watermelon lemonade line show up for 75% off and yes I try stock up on shower gels, accessories , and travel sizes during SAS.

  14. Hey bonnie how are you doing l love your hair lam excited about SAS also can't wait have to find out what time my stores will open thanks for all the videos have a blessed day 🤩🤗🤩

  15. Where I am, it's a rarity to find a 75% off candles . I normally get a crap ton of shower gels because they
    last a long time. It's also the time I get soap.

  16. In store the following scents are being clearanced…
    One in a million
    Hello beautiful

    Online retired scents the following will clearance.
    Pink chiffon(repackage)
    Love and sunshine
    Coconut lime breeze(repackage)
    Juniper breeze
    Pink cashmere
    Current sensual amber packaging
    Be enchanted(repackage)

    No 75% off online until the end except for Christmas.

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