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  1. Then they say "We're looking for a truck or van" then I go into my normal greet and meet. By the way my name is Joe. Are you familiar with our products? Is this your first Part 2. time here? and so on. It is a GREAT ice-breaker. Their wall comes down immediately. The rapport i build now is so strong that my profit per car is up about 30% because we started in the right foot. So to the naysayers, don't try it. This technique is not for you. Thanks Mike.

  2. Part 1. It works! I can't believe that most of you are salespeople. More like robots. Programmed never to evolve. I have been using this technique for a month now. It has eliminated the "I'm just looking" and awkward meets. I walk up to them and ask them "What vehicle would you like a price on?" with a smile from ear to ear.

  3. I would not say that in a million years,…been the top salesman for 18 years,….I would highly recommend you DON'T use this meet and greet. Pathetic really. No wonder most of the salesman out there are a disaster. You want to sell more cars,..do the exact opposite this yahoo tries to teach.

  4. I prefer, "Welcome to ______. My name is ____. And yours?" *wait for response* "Great to meet you! Before we continue, what specifically would you like to accomplish today? *put hand over heart* Because I want to make sure that I accomplish your goal before you leave today."

    That word track is unique, eases the customer, and lets the customer know you care.

  5. The meet and greet this video suggests is spectacular. It works, customers are pleasantly surprised, and sales people are seen in a different light immediately. I strongly recommend it, from experience.

  6. @clyde6978 It's precisely because 99% wouldn't allow it that it is the way to go. 99% of the dealerships in this country and in Canada all the use the same old predictable greetings. To make a unique paycheck you need to be unique (different) in the market place.

    I do understand the fear of change that most salespeople have.

  7. @clyde6978 get a free training DVD that get's much more into the meet & greet and preseented here with the why of it as well where to go from there. Offering to get them a price in the greeting doesn't mean give them a price but is meant only to remove the price question from issue.

  8. what are you driving now? is that it over there? what do you like best about it? what do you like least about? has it been a good car for you and your family? whats changed in your life since you purchased that car? etc…etc… I still remember MIke! Greg G. BP FD. Good to see you on here!

  9. Actually I have never closed a "mini deal" it is a waste of time , what starts bad ends bad and I would rather end it from the inception of a customer who has an unreasonable expatiation over the price of the product no matter what your selling , Remember that the same customer who beats you up on the start of any deal is the pain in the ass later !!!

  10. @arniebarb123 I don't discuss price until the write up. Our dealer clients are some of the highest volume dealerships in thier markets and the highest grossing in their 20 groups.

    When they I want a price I tell them "if this is the or any other car you pick out I'll get aprice, down, monthly and what we can pay for your car, in fact we'll just show you the factory invoice and let you decide what's fair. Watch my video "Let the Customer Pour". Take the fight away.

  11. @sellscars The bottom line is that whatever you are selling there are only two steps !!! First ,Make friends with and gain the trust of your customer , Second ,Manipulate them into whatever you want them to do.
    Some people have it and some don't. That is a true salesman ,You are born with it and it can not be taught.
    As far as price goes ,If your a true salesman they will pay whatever you tell them to !!! The end.

  12. @sellscars The bottom line is that whatever you are selling there are only two steps !!! First ,Make friends with and gain the trust of your customer , Second ,Manipulate them into whatever you want them to do.
    Some people have and some don't. That is a true salesman ,You are born with it and it can not be taught.
    The end.

  13. @charlesdaula So you don't ever close a mini and all your customers lay down for you? How do you "make friends and gain their trust" if you won't work the way they want to?

    If sales can't be taught what are doing looking at training videos?

  14. @sellscars im sure theres more things u can say that will break the ice for a meet and greet then" what can i get you a price for? i mean if it works for you do it but for people just coming into the business probably the worst advice u can give 9-10 dealerships dont want anyone discussing price on the lot even on the meet and greet and especially newbies ….so what if the customer says i want a price on that and on that what do u say? how many customers come off budget? alot

  15. @arniebarb123 No where in this video di I say give a price. The reasoning is explained in the video.

    Just how does one build rapport? Talk about sports? The weather? Fortunately for me and my clients we are able to make an impression on the customer because we don't use the same old cliched greeting of "Hi I am, and you are? that does nothing for them or for me.

  16. @musicmike1953 The meet and greet is only one small part of the sales process and this greeting has the benefit of taking away the fight around price. It does not mean giving a price before it's time. Handling price on the lot is another topic. In my experience with thousands of deals and scores of clients doing it in their stores has been higher grosses and increased volume. I appreciate your comment and would be happy to discuss it anytime.

  17. @skydivided Absolutely not. The price will get discussed in the write up and not before. This greeting just removes the buyers concerns about being able to get a price. We have a word track to use when the price question gets asked on the lot.

  18. That is the worst meet and i greet i have ever heard.I mean if that works for you great but you completely made the experience about the price instead of about value at the getgo.The best way to meet and greet is to shake there hand and say hi my name is so and so …and yours? beautiful day isnt it ? then you start to build rapor and investigate what there looking for…you wanna stay off the price as much as possible the more you talk about price instead of value the more money u lose

  19. Sellcars, YOU are 100% Accurate when you can take away that initial obstacle and lower the customers obstraction of price! The #1 Reason that a customer doesn't buy the car NOW is because they DON'T Know where the bottom is! This is a "Process" and a real good one! Being confrontational is a thing of the past! I want ALL of us Salespeople to help others get what they want! In return we will get what we want! A Sale at a "fair" profit and a customer for life! That's when you have arrived !

  20. I like this meet and greet. The usual old nonsense about building rapport first or building value in the car first doesn't fool anyone. Nobody likes being sold. Nobody. Customers know that the salesman is not their friend and that they have a budget. Let's cut through the B.S. and get to the point. The customer's there to buy a car and the salesman is there to help. Period.

  21. this is not a good greeting it will almost always ensure a "we are going to think about it" and then they take your price and go down the street and shop with it. at which point that guy got them excited about the car before they gave them a price

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