28 thoughts on “Aurora Inventory gained't cease CRASHING – (Time to Purchase?)

  1. The reason why marijuana stocks are going down is because in my opinion they're starting to figure out that they cannot sell it cheaper than what you can get it in the streets in the black market

  2. That they are the number one held stock on Robinhood … should tell you that the dumb money(retail) is owning it, and hence it is by definition a bad investment…

  3. A marketing firm did a psychological operation on me pretending this company was going to be a massive company. I looked it up and tracked it. Nothing made sense. I never bought it. I have a hard time believing the market size for marijuana.

  4. Ladies, NELSON PELTZ, billionaire investor, and former board member of companies like, Heinz, Mondelez, kraft, working relationships with pepsi, the man who turned around snapple and is a Harvard Business school case study was brought in by Aurora to make a deal, his package is performanced based, do not under any circumstances doubt this man, he is a cunning beast of a business man and I am 100% sure he has already got the deal in the works. Mr. Peltz works.for shareholders and is a major force , companies dread when he buys a controlling or substantial interest in their company, buy as much as you can, when NELSON PELTZ does what he was hired to do, which is to make a deal, the stock will follow this price, 50-100 a share on the hype, crashing back down to 20-30. Buy, buy, buy

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