Attempt before you purchase: Ziploc Vacuum Luggage

Attempt before you purchase: Ziploc Vacuum Luggage

Pocono Report shopper reporter Melanie VanDerveer checks the Ziploc Vacuum luggage in opposition to a standard resealable bag in our newest Attempt Earlier than You Purchase …

21 thoughts on “Attempt before you purchase: Ziploc Vacuum Luggage

  1. I love these bags. If they are seal right, when you run your finger across the zipper to close it, they work great. I love the way my food NEVER gets freezer burn when I use these! Great product…….but the stores that use to carry this product, don't anymore. I guess Im going to have to purchase a professional one.

  2. Mine don't hold.
    I pimped till the bag conformed to the contents, then after a day air had leaked in.
    Maybe I'm removing to much air and it cant hold that much vacuum?

  3. The small Ziploc vacuum bags do quite well for me.  It is the big gallon ones I have issues with.  And if this stupid broad followed the instructions on the small vacuum bag correctly it should have done just fine.  Says nothing about pushing the air out first.  And you don't start in the middle of zipper and working outward to both edges either and then tugging at the top to make sure it is sealed The bag indicates what end to press as indicated by the arrow.   

    So if it is done right on the quart bags they work quit well.    I still rather use vacuum bags than those regular bags because your food will go bad much faster in regular bags. 

    I hope Ziploc can improve on the gallon bags.  And shame on you in the video for doing this wrong or can't you read?

    1. Lay flat, press zipper firmly to start seal.  (Arrow indicates starting point)
    2. Slide fingers all the way across the zipper to complete the seal.
    3. Place pump here.  (Arrow indicates where) 

    I really get pissed off when people like this stupid broad give such dishonest reviews making products look worse than they really are.

  4. @DonaIdTrump – Trumpster- Kinda- depends if there is a slow leak- which these "zrplick-style"bags do seem to eventually do at the top-opening- the ones that heat-seal probably are better…

  5. Suggest using an object other than a sharp fork to place products in the bag. I use these bags too, and they work great – just hard to find in local stores.

  6. Hmmm – would this work for keeping partially-used caulk or glue tubes from drying out? The "caps"etc, that come with them never seem to stop clogged nozzles or product drying up inside the tube! I gotsta try dis in the shop!

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