50 thoughts on “ASOS BLACK FRIDAY HAUL + TRY ON // Low cost Codes + Present Concepts!

  1. just found your channel through Lydia Elise Millen who recommended your insta. Your dressing rooms are quite alike wow! haha so glad I found you, looove your content!

  2. Happy Birthday, Josie! This is my 1st commenting and i have followed on your videos for about a year now. I absolutely love them and take care during the current pandemic!

  3. Great video as always! I’m really hoping to get the GHD rise for Xmas, I’ve tried to click on the link for it but it doesn’t seem to be working 🥺 I was wondering where you have found it cheapest please? xx

  4. Seems like you have a birthday and that you're a Sagittarius (like me!). Well, you are so true to your sign, which will explain your beautiful energy coming across on every vlog. Hope Charlie spoils you on your special day…

  5. Happy Birthday for yesterday Josie! I've been so looking forward to sitting down and watching this video… the essay deadlines at uni are REAL right now!

  6. One "thing" I have learnt since starting to watch your channel is to buy quality and not quantity (Coats, Jackets and shoes maybe not tops etc). I have so many clothes that loose their shape and quality after a short while, where I could invest in statement pieces which will last longer and won't go out of fashion.

  7. Happy birthday, Josie!!! I'm a night shift ICU nurse here in the USA, and by the time I get home from work and need to unwind before bed, I ALWAYS get so excited to see an upload from you!! You're so hard working and truly an inspiration!

  8. Happy birthday josie!
    But also— yes to all the references to guys being able to have pink/wear makeup etc because 👏we👏dont👏need👏the👏patriarchy👏

  9. Hi Josie Happy Birthday hope you have a wonderful day. You do look absolutely gorgeous, and thanks for posting on your Birthday. 🎁💜💜💜

  10. Happiest birthday to the most hard working person on youtube, one of my fave person to watch, can you believe I even dream of meeting you due to consistently binging on your videos! Thank you for always brightening my day!!!

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