24 thoughts on “Ask Me Something! Answering you questions…..and a Black Friday low cost!

  1. I really respect and appreciate the way you have spoken about the liftstyle changes you've made – you look wonderful and your health and happiness are so important 🙂

  2. I love your interesting craft room! Bet its nice to have one for your lovely works. Enjoy all you do as i have subscribed to channel. Please show your work on the serger as you work on garment.

  3. Only recently found your channel. Been sewing since I was a teenager. Feel the same about fabric… it’s my passion and I love it more than I should!! Didn’t know you lost weight ….. but what you said touched me. Thank you for giving validation to people for being enough today!! It needs to be said…. it needs to be repeated… we are all enough… TODAY!!

  4. Really interesting to hear your answers on sewing.It must be difficult trying to answer personal questions so thank you for the way you dealt with this.Your tips for new sewers were perfect and could even help longtime sewers who find themselves hitting a sewing block.I loved the blouse your wearing,the fabric falls so beautifully.

  5. Hi! I purchased this pattern after watching your video and I see everything is in cm can you tell me the seam allowance in inches? I’m in the USA and work with inches. Thank you!❤️

  6. I made my grandgirls and myself TATB Frankie. I traced a size 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2. Great use of one pattern! Now I trace all my patterns, even though I mostly sew for myself. Love your shop and teaching space! Wish I lived closer when things are more open. I'm in Ireland.

  7. Another great video, loving the blouse, especially in that gorgeous fabric 😀 Re: comments on diet & exercise – I wish everyone was as responsible as you rather than painting a false picture or trying to make a quick buck.

  8. I always enjoy your videos. Your passion for everything about the craft from fabric to patterns to teaching and making your own clothes sparkles. You have such a knack for instilling that same enthusiasm in your viewership as I'm sure you must do for your students. I also appreciate your practical, down-to-earth personality. I know it must be hard to be on camera and be constantly nudged to converse re the changes in your appearance but your approach here is such great modeling! "I don't think you're a different person just because you have a smaller bum", made me laugh out loud. So true and succinctly put. Thank you for taking the time out of your undoubtedly busy life to make and upload these inspirational videos.

  9. Really enjoyed your answers to the questions Sheona and lovely to get to know how your business started 👌💕. Loving your shirt in that fabulous fabric..it looks amazing on you 👍😁😘

  10. You handled the weight loss and exercise questions really well. I'm sure you must be tempted to tell people to mind their own business! I love your top, I've made a Darling Ranges in another version of this fabric. I didn't realise when I bought it how sheer it was and ended up lining the skirt!

  11. Great vlog it was really interesting to find out more about you and your business. Love the top the fabric is gorgeous. Look forward to seeing your next makes video 🤗🤗🤗

  12. You are an inspiration to sewers by your positive attitude and choices.I thought your answer about sewing as a hobby was very interesting as now it’s about your business not purely pleasure, like using your shop fabrics and patterns. Your answers about weight loss were also very genuine and made me think about whether people really think it will make a person better when their dress size changes. There are so many pressures in society to be thin that it is probably what people do think deep down. Of course it is wrong. Thank you 🙏 I enjoyed listening today.

  13. Thank you Sheona. Lovely to see your colourful cheerful office space. Your videos are always inspiring and enthusiasm infectious. I am always sorry I can't buy more of your beautiful fabrics, but I have to have a project in mind, I'm not just a stash buyer!. Like the sound of a video on benefits of sewing, and the one for beginners. Your top 3 tips also good for sewers like me who have sewing for a few years now but get discouraged with fit issues. All the best for next week. Wish you were nearer to where I live, you aren't in a part of the country I would naturally come to and too far for a day trip. Have a wonderful break over Christmas and all the best for next year.

  14. Thank you for sharing. I would class myself as a confident beginner so I’m really looking forward to your beginner tips video! Also I wanted to say how much I enjoy watching your makes videos where you explain fabrics to match patterns so thank you for those. They give me inspiration! X

  15. Would love you to do something showing the overlocker. I have only used mine to finish seams and would like to sew a t shirt on my overlocker

  16. Thank you for your comments on weightloss. As a larger person and a larger person who sews and helps other plus size sewists, I can agree that there is the belief that slimmer makes you a better person. I lost 100lbs a few years ago and it made no difference to me as a person but I was treated very differently. Im glad you found something you enjoy in exercise, the endorphins are amazing!

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