1. disruptive stock, ARK keeps on buying at this early stage which could be another Tesla, Shopify, Square…….. $ would be rocket šŸš€ up ā—

  2. Bought in on Wednesday, rode the wave up and pull out today. Iā€™ll buy back in once it settles a bit. NIO is an amazing long term stock and looking forward to seeing where itā€™s at in 2022!

  3. I have to thank you Jack! After watching your video yesterday, I picked up a small position of NNDM. I just closed it at 5.95 with a few hundred profits! Thank you for putting good info out there to help layman retail investors make better decisions šŸ™‚

  4. I love this company I decided to swing trade it today bought 500 shares it dropped 18% within about 2 minutes This is why I don't swing trade holy cow

  5. I began researching them just last night. Not sold yet but I agree it is interesting specifically due to the space and electronic production

  6. of course big institutions know more, they have teams working together to watch every single little thing going on about a company they are interested in LOL

  7. I bought Ā£100 worth of shares just to keep an eye on it. I was going to put 5k @ $2.40 on it from $hyln sales but decided against. Now I feel like a massive twatšŸ¤£ Such is life šŸ‘

  8. Instead of taking the gamble on myself a making loses I could probably continue winning big with Joseph Pratt with his 20% commission charge that seems very fair an am looking to double initial investment

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