Are You Shopping for The New iPhone 12?

Are You Shopping for The New iPhone 12?

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Apple has introduced iPhone 12 Professional and iPhone 12 Professional Max, introducing a strong 5G expertise and superior applied sciences that push the boundaries of innovation for customers who need essentially the most out of iPhone.

45 thoughts on “Are You Shopping for The New iPhone 12?

  1. The prices you just mentioned are for the basic memory 64g and 128g. Indian got it worse the prices are basically double that of USA and UK. I wonder how much they’ll be price in Ghana. There’re significant changes between this years model and its predecessor.

  2. The most annoying thing is that it comes with no earphones and no adapter only the usb cable that is a different new type kruaa meaning you need to separately buy the adapter tweakai. Apple people quit tripping 💔💔😂😂😂

  3. Anyone who upgrades to iPhone 12 has no economic sense! iPhone 6 to 8 same iPhone 10 to 12 same. The only time you get a real up grade is from iPhone 5 to 10 11 12. A sensible person will buy apple stock with that phone price. Not worth the price then again a lot of gullible people who want to impress others will buy it

  4. While I'm using Android phone, and I can snap pictures, make videos and also can make calls with it …….I don't need to worry much….. very soon you will see some of the celebrities posting it on their page that they are using iPhone 12 or whatever…

  5. comparing the Technical Specs sheet the A14 Bionic is the best smartphone cpu on the planet and ios is the smothers and fast, the rest are made by the companies you guys don't respect …but honestly these prices are ridiculous $1099 for base

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