Apex Legends Summer time Sale | Names, Dates and Contents

Apex Legends Summer time Sale | Names, Dates and Contents

Since there’s a appreciable quantity of knowledge all around the web lifted from my twitter and loads of hypothesis, thought I might make a fast video on the details …

45 thoughts on “Apex Legends Summer time Sale | Names, Dates and Contents

  1. Thanks 🙂 I really wanted to know when the event started coz it was my birthday on the 13th of July so I got loads of credits to spend in the event

  2. Imma recommend you to all my mates who play apex with me were real nerds so yeah none of us use Twitter we only ever hear about you from other alex youtubers so thanks for this video✅

  3. Yo I keep hearing your name from the YouTubers I watch and I don’t really use Twitter but I keep wondering does this shrugtal have YouTube I type up your name nothing came up now I finally found you on recommended

  4. Are you fucking serious. MORE returning skins. They may as well put every past event skin in the basic loot pool and be done with it. Un fucking believable.

  5. Bro can you pleeeease repply to this question that i have,if i want that voidwalker skin i will have to buy the complete bundle or if i just want the wraith skin i can buy it ,pls i want to know

  6. Love this! Straight to the point no join my apex coin giveaway follow this follow that rambling for 8 mins for two mins worth if content. Please keep doing these we all appreciate it 💗

  7. Honestly shrugtal, I’m shock that you only have 1.5k subs. You are the one who’s putting in the work and time to datamine. Other “data miners” r just literally getting their stuff from you and posting on their YouTube. I say if you invest on your youtube, you could be the biggest apex leaks channel and you deserve it g

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