ALL MUST BUY UNIFORMS – March 2019 | Marvel Future Combat

ALL MUST BUY UNIFORMS – March 2019 | Marvel Future Combat

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44 thoughts on “ALL MUST BUY UNIFORMS – March 2019 | Marvel Future Combat

  1. Saddest moment in my life was when I finally got 1250 crystals to get Sharon Rogers dark star and same day the sale ended as I opened the shop., 😭

  2. Why is Scarlett witch so hard to get??? I've got the uniform but not character and NETMARBLE reduced my biometrics when the game got the last big makeover ….thanks.

  3. I'm going to wait until Endgame before I purchase anymore uniforms. Simply by the end credits of Captain Marvel I think she's getting a Uniform as well.

  4. Netmarble, needs to do a 'SNAP' on some of these characters, with all their Biometrics and ISO-8, OBELISKS, URUs going into your Inventory!

  5. Beast you think they’re going to come out w war machine hulk buster? I didn’t name it rt, but they said it on a toy leak for end game.

  6. YOU WERE SO RIGHT ABOUT SCARLET! I brought her uniform when she is only at 2 stars and level 40. She literally just finished shadow lands stage 2 for me with no assistance although she only had 2 skills to rotate. I can't wait to max her out!

  7. Your wanda uniform advertisement made me laugh so much bro 😂 play with her for 2 seconds and tell how much your life changed 😂
    Also good morning

  8. I own at least 7 or 8 of those uniforms. And yes, they're pure garbage. I only bought them for the stats to increase other characters I love.

  9. I definitely have to disagree with your 'pure garbage" list. Black bolt without that uni he is almost unusable. With that uni the damage proc helps him, and with the right rotation he can clear mid level SL stages without taking any damage if you bump up his hp. Evil cyclops is great support for abx blast super villain day. Elsa without her monsters uni is barely usable, her monsters uni damage proc helps her a lot, and with the right rotation you can clear mid level SL stages without taking any damage. Coulson's terminator uni gives all allies an extra 10% defense making him on par with shuri and val. Gwenpool's uni gives her more survive ability. Luke's uni is good if you play AC and some battleworld.

  10. Beast i know how much you love Wanda and how much of a beast she is everywhere so please could you make a video showing the best of your Wanda in World Boss Ultimate because i'm having quite a hard time using her in terms of survivability and DPS but as a support she's always there, PVP (when she's legal) she's always there.
    I think I need to see you play with her to know what rotation to use and how to fight in all the WBU stages.

  11. Uniform for Elsa is great. I have it in mythic for a long time. It makes her much more useful. A am stil using her in shadowland

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