Aimer sixth full album『Walpurgis』teaser(2021.04.14 on sale)

Aimer sixth full album『Walpurgis』teaser(2021.04.14 on sale)

Aimer、約2年ぶりとなる通算6枚目のオリジナルフルアルバム『Walpurgis』2021年4月14日にリリース決定! TVドラマ「あなたの番です」主題歌「STAND-ALONE」、劇場 …

28 thoughts on “Aimer sixth full album『Walpurgis』teaser(2021.04.14 on sale)

  1. Omgggg can't wait for the album !!!!!!! I didn't watch all the anime from this list here but her songs just all sound amazing as fuuuckkk!!!!!

  2. wonderland FGOの2部6章のイメージソングになったりしたら面白いな。(ないだろうけど)でてくるかもしれないと言われてる愛歌の心情にもマッチしてるような気がする。

  3. aimerもアニメとタイアップする事多いからLisaみたいに爆発的ヒットする日を祈りたい様なこのままでいて欲しい様なw

  4. I just want to share my thoughts of MDZS. I started reading the manhua first, i feel like there is a sweetness into it so I read the novel. Surprisingly it gives a diffrent feelings to it, I cried for 10 minutes at some of the scenes. Even after I finished reading there is still an empty space in my heart longing for it to be filled but I don't know how, why, and what..

    then I started to watch the donghua hoping this feelings of emptiness Will be gone, but that's the biggest mistake I've ever Made.. like all of my fantasies are coming true i cried so bad remembering the novel, really when you already know what happend it just brings pain T_T and yet.. still after finishing the manhua donghua and novel all in all there is a feelings of emptiness and longing for something and I don't know how to get Rid of it.

    My heart ache so much.

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