Again to the Future 4K UHD Steelbook UNBOXING and REVIEW! (Greatest Purchase Unique)

Again to the Future 4K UHD Steelbook UNBOXING and REVIEW! (Greatest Purchase Unique)

Again to the Future celebrates its 35th anniversary by making its 4K DEBUT in a model new restricted version set that collects all three timeless movies in Extremely HD! On this video, we unbox the Greatest-Purchase-exclusive Steelbook model, break down what’s on every disc, and discuss a very powerful side of all: how do these films look in 4K? Fireplace up your flux capacitor and strap in, we’re going BACK TO THE FUTURE!

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26 thoughts on “Again to the Future 4K UHD Steelbook UNBOXING and REVIEW! (Greatest Purchase Unique)

  1. I still haven't made the jump to 4K because of space and the cost not to mention quadruple dipping! Thanks for letting us know of what's available Heath cool video!

  2. Great video Heath! I enjoy that you brought up those flimsy cardboard sleeves, this certainly seems to be the most ideal version. But my question is, do you got the time?😎

  3. I was on the fence about steelbook set or the hoverboard edition. In the end what the hell was i gonna do with the hoverboard? Steelbook set arrives Tuesday.

  4. Thanks for posting this review! You’re the first I’ve come across to actually post one. I think the photoshopped art is terrible across the board, lol but I think I may opt for this set come release day. I haven’t had any issues with the Jurassic Park 4K set’s cardboard inserts, however. The discs are pretty loose and easy to pull out without any issues and are virtually scratch-free to this day.

  5. I’m so ready to get my pre-order copy any day now!!!!! Love the video thanks for your time and effort In making it. LONG LIVE PHYSICAL MEDIA!

  6. There is a warehouse in my town that has a bunch of Deloreans in various stages of repair that they sell. I believe they add car detail from the movie. Would rather have flux capacitor over a CD player

  7. I named my first born after Marty McFly. And second after Michael j Fox (and Michael from Burn Notice to back it up).

    I have 1 steelbook and it’s BTTF trilogy. We’re pretty rough on movies at the Bamberg residence BUT that steelbook is well protected. White Glove treatment. Greatest movie of all TIME.

    How many times do you think Marty died and Doc had to go back to get it right? I was watching it with someone and we both had that same thought in 2 when doc drops the flags at the end of the tunnel. And also on the roof of Biffs Hotel.

  8. I bought the steelbook set too, although, I actually really love those cardboard booklets. Alien anthology, Hitchcock collection etc. There's just more art in those and the discs sit behind that art. The pages feel glossy. I love them, but, yes, scratches can definitely happen. That being said, I love this set just the same. The little tabs, top and bottom, that keep the steelbook from rubbing together, are awesome. Excellent touch. I've watched part 1 so far. New image looks great on my TV

  9. I love everything about this packaging (the steelbooks, disc art, inside art, the way they put the tabs in the slipcover so the steelbooks dont scratch), but the biggest elephant in the room would have to be the cover art which is TERRIBLE….

  10. Duuuuuude I NEED this. OMG I'm so excited. I definitely think opting for the steel book version was the better choice, for sure. And those tabs! Whoever thought of putting those into the cardboard case is a genius. Such a great idea. I don't think I've ever seen tabs like that before – have you?

  11. I also went with this version of the 4K trilogy, the cover art looked best on this release (it was really cheesy looking on the other versions). I agree that the slip itself has some weird photoshopped art, but the steelbook art is beautiful.

  12. You lose the Animated Complete Series, A Visual History Book and Light-up Flux Capacitor front cover from the Back to the Future The Complete Adventures .

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