36 thoughts on “AAA TITLE DISCOUNTS! | Star Wars Squadrons, Resident Evil, GTA V + MORE

  1. Fifa, it's a copy & paste of previous games, an insult to any true gamer & not worth it even half price. What a joke, sure let's help EA scam even more players….

  2. You mentioned Sar Wars: Squadron has fighters from A-Wing to X-Wing, but what about Y-Wing? I'm pretty sure that one's in there as well.

  3. 6:13
    Reminds me of the late roger moore when i see that car.
    I'm pretty sure it was in the spy who loved me (1977) movie.
    R.i.p to both to sean Connery and roger moore
    They will both be missed dearly.

  4. Is it just me who dislikes gears games. The movement in it just always put me off. I got through half of gears 5 and it just weren't it

  5. Me reading the title and seeing it says GTA (thinking it’s gonna be GTA6): 🤩
    When it turns out it’s just GTA 5 and I got played :😫

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