42 thoughts on “A Rummage Sale That Wasn't A Rummage Sale – Taco Stacks Each day

  1. She's happy to be going bye byes with you, her daddy! Cherish that bond that you have with Salsa. She will always be your first child and your bestie. It is a gift, to you, from God.

  2. I use the mulch setting and then blow the mulched leaves into a pile using the mower. They are swept/raked onto a tarp and then dragged to wherever I want to dispose them. Haven’t bought leaf bags in forever. I only have to clean up a little over an acre, but I get my leaves and the neighbors, a lot.

  3. Unrelated to the rummage sale and lovely Salsa… there where you live, are you required to have 2 city stickers on your vehicle? I see you have 2- 2019 stickers on your Jeep… just curious

  4. OMG been to a million "church bazaars" only to find them selling new crap crafts and hot cider. NIghtmare!!!!! Beware this time of year.

  5. My aunt and I went to a holiday market at a Methodist church thinking it was a garage sale only to find it was a Miniature Christmas Village sale . High dollar items and anything you could imagine for the Christmas village displays

  6. TS: I hope you can feel the love Salsa has for you. It's ok to hug her. They are fuzzy children, and actually need that sort of contact with their human. It helps with the bonding process. PEACE!!!!

  7. Hey taco. You can sell those golf balls to a driving range for 10 cents a ball. when i was younger we got them out of ponds and sold the good 1s for 5 a dozen. we took the rest to the range. they buy all you have.

  8. That's a nice piece of property you have there. Salsa seems like such a nice dog, you're fortunate to have him, well, he's fortunate to have you too.

  9. I have been tricked into going onto many craft fairs by advertising rummage sales. I usually buy some cookies & leave. Usually don't stick around because gotta head to the next sale. Early bird always get the good deals. I'd love it if you'd share some negative experiences you've had with any sales or some of the best you've had. Maybe a sit down video of best & worst experiences?

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