25 thoughts on “A Reside Gross sales Name by Grant Cardone

  1. I honestly hate these kind of sales people lol. Even the most talented sales people can't convince someone to buy something they don't want or need. Your goal should be to get your customer the best product they can get for their own needs. If you oversell or undersell them they're not going to want to come back cause the product wasn't good enough (undersold) or they feel like they got ripped off (oversold).

    Better to have a less aggressive self centered staff focused on "winning" and get repeat business than get a ton of people trying it once and then never answering your calls again after they drop the expensive program.

  2. Those voice activated computer generated subtitles are terrible. He said four and a half million but the sub-titles spit out four and a half women… LMAO! Imagine the owner of the company is hearing impaired and you had to do a video conference call with subtitles so he can follow along…

    Company Owner: So how much did we make last year?
    Sales Mgr: [Sub-titles] Oh we made four and a half women! We had a great year boss!
    Company Owner: Uhhhh…. What! I'm sorry something must be wrong… repeat that!?!

  3. BTW this wasn’t a good call!! He still needs ED on the phone lolol! Decision maker was NOT on the PHONE I repeat this guy moved the bar nowhere

  4. Round and round the circle I wanna close where's the close so jump with the intention to get to that close eliminating the resistance to get to the deal, great example grant cardone

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