A Form of Homicide

A Form of Homicide

Patrick Wilson and Jessica Biel star on this Hitchcockian noir primarily based on a novel by Patricia Highsmith (The Proficient Mr. Ripley, Carol). It’s 1960 in Manhattan and Walter Stackhouse (Wilson) appears to have all of it: standing, cash and a “glad” marriage. However he has turn out to be obsessive about Marty Kimmel (Eddie Marsan), a person suspected of killing his spouse. This brutal homicide unlocks Walter’s darkest fantasies – his want to be free from his personal spouse, the gorgeous however broken Clara (Biel). When she is discovered useless in suspicious circumstances the traces blur between innocence and intent. Who, in truth, is the actual killer?

32 thoughts on “A Form of Homicide

  1. So who killed Clara? Hubby Walter ? We know that Kimmel killed his wife but who killed Clara? Or did she kill herself like she told Walter she would? And did Walter survive the knife attack at the end? Hmmmm???? You gotta see this movie to unravel the mystery.

  2. What a twisted ending. This movie is a novel I would gladly read it. That was a good film. I knew kümmel was going to kill him or try. He has to buried the evidence lol.

  3. I dealt with a bitch this crazy before. 😒 she threatened to kill herself. I was like: you'll be aight! 😂😂😂😂

  4. This is one of my topics of discussions for chat shows," what happens when sex flies out of window or it is mis matched sexuality and couples do not have anything else in their lives to share" one of the commonest factor plaguing half the world.

  5. The newspaper cutting has justified text! That wasn't a thing until computerised printing. I get my junior detective badge!

  6. Nicely done after all. I’ll have to read the Highsmith story. Nasty woman! A kInd if murder. Aren’t we full up with the actual murders? Good grief! “‘ Macbeth hath murdered sleep…’

  7. It was cute, Hitchcock style no I seen better the writer needed more reachserge. In my opinion I think the wife was twisted.

  8. Wow, A Gifted Man. Hadn't seen this guy in almost 10 years. Thought it was a pretty good show, but lasted only 7/8 shows b4 it canceled. Looking to see how good this is now.

  9. The scary thing is statistics. When a wife dies the husband is assumed a criminal. During my divorce my biggest fear was my wife dying. Ironically if I died no one would assume anything.
    Statistics are facts. BUT they will never change until the wife is assumed guilty, equally.

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