41 thoughts on “A bake sale saved me from a 137 in a 50 ticket!

  1. Tomorrow will be our last "What Would You Buy?" video. This time it's money no object dream cars. We will do a premiere at 10 AM so you can chat with some of the panel participants as we release the video.

  2. "This guy thought he was cleaning up crime and just wanted to give everyone the max sentence" sounds like a normal prosecutor to me lol

  3. it ie really so weir hearing "I go to jail" for speeding. I guess it is the biggest benefit of living in an underdeveloped country. In Ukraine you can drive as fast as you want and the ticked it 18$

  4. I have had a few lucky outcomes myself the last and hopefully LAST was on Christmas Eve a Sheriff popped me for passing two car's in a 35 zone on my bike at 87!! He checked my license and told me he could take me to jail but he rode too and it was Christmas gave me back my license said don't let me catch you again and Merry Christmas!

  5. I did the same thing with an accident (small fender bender) but insurance had lapsed the previous month. Took classes before court date and put myself on the SR-22 without a judges order. My case was dismissed at the hearing. Seems that if you are proactive in making amends it goes a long way. And my insurance did not go up when I finally signed up.
    Thank GOD I can read legal jargon cuz I had no money for an attorner.

    Printer story is BS on the court officers part as the soccer moms that attend bake sales HATE SPEEDERS and would have gladly obliged the DA (if he sold it to them right).

    Him getting the reckless driving case thrown out screwed the DA with the super speeder case. As far as an admission of guilt with no offenses is interesting. Not sure if that is lawful as per procedural rules or policy but good for him. Now I have a new tactic with dealing with these aholes.

  6. I lived in GA and I now live in South Florida. I haven't received any tickets in Florida. I moved 22 years ago. I ride a motorcycle and a drive a car. GA doesn't play around. They pull over everybody.

  7. My absolute FAVORITE stories come from Christopher. Appreciate VinWiki for allowing him to facilitate them through their platform

  8. Sounds like to a small part of like what happened to me when i was running late for job delivering pizzas in a 3 series coupe doing 130 in a 50 (highway) while changing and i didnt see the cop, but because the owner (my boss) is friends for a GOOD reason with most of the county and local police he let me get away with 70 before i could negotiate because it was "the same amount of points" and at that point in 2017 i was making almost 40k a year on tips.

  9. Hey Vinwiki I have 19 speeding tickets with crazy stories and never was towed. So far hahaha I had a lot of fast cars and trucks please contact me for the whole stories all I will say is I build a lot of different cars. I've had a 900hp 94 Honda Civic coupe with twin 38M TT H22 fully built titanium and sleeved at 60 psi doing 217mph in 14 sec. In a 65 on the 215 freeway coming back from San Diego. Caught by helicopter and ran from it!!!!

  10. I had 2 87 RX7s and I would routinely do 120 in them and I can say that 120 is really fucking fast things happen pretty quick when you're moving that fast I can't even fathom the speeds that you guys talk about

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