6 Issues To Know Earlier than You Purchase A Hardtail MTB | The Greatest Issues About Hardtail Mountain Bikes

6 Issues To Know Earlier than You Purchase A Hardtail MTB | The Greatest Issues About Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Should you’re excited about shopping for your first mountain bike, chances are high {that a} hardtail MTB is fairly excessive in your listing. They’re an reasonably priced entry level into the game …

39 thoughts on “6 Issues To Know Earlier than You Purchase A Hardtail MTB | The Greatest Issues About Hardtail Mountain Bikes

  1. I have a hard tail now that is about 20 years old and thinking of full suspension in 2021. Videos like this make me doubt myself! Flip flop….

  2. Bought a cannondale hardtail March 2020 and it’s been absolutely battered since. Only got 120mm travel but still gets ridden on gnarly trails and is holding up well with a few upgrades. People focus wayyy to much on their bikes rather than actually riding and enjoying it for what it is.

  3. I've never ridden a full suspension bike but recently I thought about getting one. But then it struck me that the whole point of mountain biking is to feel the bumps and enjoy the technical aspect of it. If you want to get a full suspension bike to smooth out the bumps then why not just get a road bike and ride on the road.

  4. I changed my bike last year from 26er fully Epic to a 29er Epic HT. The first ride was like sitting on a 3rd class train. The rear suspension gave me such a nice feeling. After you got up on the bike, you could feel that something is just damn right on this bike. However on race times the two bikes were almost identical. I liked climbing more on the 26er wheels. The bigger wheels cause often back pain.

  5. The reason people smile on a is because if they crash they’ll only half break the bank at worst but on a dualie you’ll completely break the bank best case scenario

  6. My first serious mountain bike was a full suspension bike, when I bought a hard tail I found rough downhills challenging until my legs adapted. Occasionally in the morning or if it’s cold the problem reoccurs, but I’m very happy with my hard tail. I especially like climbing steep hills on my hard tail.

  7. Nothing beats a hard tail been riding one for 30yrs , yes I'm old lol .especially today's tech the hardtails today ride so much better than in the past. Great video!!!!

  8. I love my hardtail and I'm all for a bit of going back in time but I draw the line at this curly bar cx/gravel nonsense that is being thrust upon us 😉

  9. Just ordered my hard tail ( Kona Fire Mountain) and like most I can’t justify spending £1500+ on my first bike.
    Great watch GMBN , be great to see more hardtail videos.

  10. I’m still enjoying my 26” Cube hardtail that I bought in 2008. Really low maintenance cost and most of it you can do yourself. I’m sometimes tempted to go for 29”, but I still have so much fun that I’m going to hold on to my trusted Cube.

  11. Never really thought about a full suspension bike, but I have replaced my old Carrera bike this year with something more expensive as I am doing more riding. I have to say it does not feel better. Cramped up and with not enough gears. Maybe that's just because I have been riding the old one for so long (> 10 years) I am used to it. I think I will keep the new one as a backup when I have finished rebuilding the Carrera.

  12. Hardtails are the best. Love mine heaps. And if Blakey can do Megavalanche on that Nukeproof Scout, just shows you that you don't need a full sus, like ever…

  13. I really agree with you on all the things you said about Hard Tails. Especially the "smiling " thing….. even i do smile all the time whenever I ride my Hardtail. It's an amazing feeling altogether. Thanks for the video.

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