33 thoughts on “6 Cuts Of Meat You Ought to Completely By no means Purchase

  1. I’m a butcher. You should think about putting the correct pictures up when talking about cuts. I could see how that could confuse people.

  2. pffff avoid flanks steak?!?!?buy a 2 kg flank steak, take a grill and charcoal, light it up till the charcoal turns red/white ash, NO FLAMES NEEDED HERE, just good heat on the grill (put the hand over the grill where the steak is gonna be, if its very hot after 8 seconds you're right). put the flank steak fat side over the grill for and hour aprox. till the fat turns like caramel, flip it and cook it 20 minutes more. best steak of your life, the secret is TIME and NO FLAMES ON THE GRILL.

  3. If you are going to take a round steak and throw it on the grill and cook it like a rib-eye, then you will have a tough steak and you know nothing about cooking. If you are a cook and are willing to take the time to braise it, then you will have a tasty meal. Not hard to do, it just takes time. As for flank steak, I don't know where you shop but it hasn't been an expensive cut for many, many years.

  4. The only people able to buy good meat today are the rich and those on food stamps. No offense meant. At least this is how it is in my damn state.

  5. Having owned grocery stores and been a butcher, the filet is the best cut, but as you said there’s not much fat. That’s why most come with a nice thick slice of bacon, or better yet, a great cook will always marinate beef before cooking. By marinating, you infuse your choice of flavors into an already tender cut of meat.

  6. Actually, I think this list is pretty dead right. I love a good (regular) ribeye. For health reasons, I'll choose top sirloin. I never buy tenderloin (fillet mignon) or round. I'll buy a round roast to slow cook to med-rare and slice paper thin for Roast beef sandwiches, otherwise, I don't touch it. Flank can be great but it depends on cooking style and technique. It can also be crap. Good video!

  7. The biggest bullshit is when people brag about how tender the meat is. I'm not saying I like tough steaks, but it also doesn't need to be super-soft (unless you wear dentures, which I don't), especially if it is because of excess fat.

  8. Strip steak is the larger of the two muscles in a T-bone or Porterhouse steak. The smaller of the two muscles is a portion of tenderloin. The tenderloin portion may be very small in a T-bone. A Porterhouse has a larger portion of tenderloin.

    You are paying for deboning when you buy strip steak.

  9. Steaks rarely come from cows, (mentioned incorrectly numerous times in this video) which are adult female cattle used for breeding, raising calves, and milk production from dairy cows. When old cows are processed for meat, the quality is poor and mostly used in hot dogs and lunch meats. Steaks mostly come from steers, which are castrated male cattle raised for meat production.

  10. Interesting topic but I found your video to be completely unwatchable due to your “news reporter” cadence with your voice. Just a little creative criticism.

  11. It all depends on the price. If round steak sells for $1 a pound, I;ll load up on it. Flank steak was the cut of choice for Chinese Restaurant stir-fries until the mainstream started to use it and the price shot up. "Bone helps to retain flavor" does not make any scientific sense, the flavor of the bone marrow does not leach out through the hard cortical bone into the meat while being cooked.

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