5 Finger Low cost

5 Finger Low cost

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Me: Right here’s the bill for $400.

Shopper: Nice! Right here’s $300

Me: Uh… I charged you $400. The place’s the opposite hundred?

Shopper: Oh, I gave myself a reduction.

Me: *Screams*

8 thoughts on “5 Finger Low cost

  1. I feel like one of your clients directed these videos.
    "I'll have my cousin make these videos"
    "Oh. Does he have any experience?"
    "He knows what he's doing."
    "These are funny stories right? Does he understand timing?"
    "Yes, absolutely, he arrives on time every day. I don't understand what you're getting at."

  2. I'm giving you a fine of $200,- now for trying to swindle $100,- from me. If you don't like that you can add my lawyer fees with that.

  3. My dad used to do work for a husband and wife company where the wife was the accountant. She would deduct sums from invoices if it seemed too much for her. Their suppliers sued them into bankruptcy.

  4. i remember a similar story:
    i client wanted to pay…i forget the exact numbers, let's say $500 for a $800 AND a $300 commission…he SUBTRACTED one from the other!

  5. Been there from both sides, I worked for a clown that added Tom Taxes (he was Tom) I started looking for other employment about then.

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