37 thoughts on “5 Causes Why You SHOULD Purchase a HomePod Mini

  1. But does it play a radio station for a morning alarm? That’s literally the only feature I really need in a smart speaker and afaik the HomePod doesn’t have this function.

  2. In Belgium via retail for sale for 199€!!! = almost 120 $more than the US price of 99$, it’s disgusting PLUS the fact that Siri is NOT activated!! Big thanks Apple!

  3. Reason number 6: the surprise factor.
    You won‘t get the info about the cable length anywhere. For gods sake.
    All reviews are repeating apple wording endlessly, but nothing new.

  4. Gonna grab two or three of these, love the fact that u can pair them with an Apple TV for surround sound, and the intercom feature

  5. There starting to sell out really quick some country’s sold out into the new year and I have a apple HomePod mini I Pre ordered it with my iPhone 12 pro max 512GB in blue my iPhone 12 pro max will be delivered in 4 days and HomePod mini on the 17th

  6. There are just two problems for me. 1) Siri is still horrendously stupid compared to google. 2) Spotify is better than Apple Music.

    I wish these things were not true. But they are, and make it a sticking point for me over by $30 HomePod mini.

  7. Can it be used as a bluetooth speaker? My Bose Soundlink Mini has just failed which I loved taking down the garage to play music when I'm working in the garden. From what I gather I will only be able to play music from my iPhone via WiFi

  8. Have you actually heard it? I would think quality sound would be first of all reasons. I'm certainly not discounting the other reasons, but how can a recommendation be made without hearing it?

  9. If you're using an apple watch to listen to music, can you use hand-off but by hovering the apple watch over the homepod mini instead?

  10. I mean google home system already does pretty much everything listed, especially when paired with an android phone. And fraction of the price!

  11. Would be even better if you could stereo pair with a regular HomePod. I’m sure the mini stereo pair will sound great though. I’m thinking about mini steady pairs for the upstairs rooms in my home.

  12. i would be invested if i already didn't have my iphone running off of mainly google apps and have the google home nest ecosystem

  13. The problem is Siri. I Love Apple. I live heavily in their universe. But for a smart home speaker I am more than happy with Google. Sill might give it a try for the home office.

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