5 causes NOT TO BUY the Pixel 5

5 causes NOT TO BUY the Pixel 5

As we get nearer to our Pixel 5 evaluation, we thought we might spotlight 5 causes not the purchase the Pixel 5. These prime 5 Pixel 5 complaints could also be large enough to maintain some consumers away. Our Pixel 5 evaluation will go extra in-depth on just a few of those points and spotlight why they is probably not such a bit deal.

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Video shot and edited by Nick Grey

27 thoughts on “5 causes NOT TO BUY the Pixel 5

  1. So negative on the pixel with this video! I actually like the direction Google took here. I'm disappointed in this video. 👎

  2. Okay for the last time. Fast Charging is irrelevant. Phones get charged completely as we sleep. It doesnt matter if it takes 30 minutes or 5 hours. What matters is the battery capacity and can it last a full day with moderate use while still having some power left over.

  3. The dedication to make these "why not to buy" videos is amazing, considering that every comment is disagreeing with your points and the like/dislike ratio is close to being in negatives. But I guess it's still engagement.

  4. What a negative down beat video. A real turn off to the channel. Google actually puts a charger in the box unlike other mobile phone makers.

  5. terrible video – reasons for not buying are not valid

    only a 765 processor, small screen, 18w charging yawn yawn yawn
    it's not a flagship priced phone, you wouldnt buy this if you're serious about gaming etc
    yes the likes of the cheap chinese brands are better spec, but i'd rather have a phone that fits in my pocket – has a great camera, can deal with everyday tasks and have a clean stock android os. throw in a decent price and this is a great phone.

  6. I feel this is one of the best phone if we look at budget aspect. 90htz display, SM765, googles own stock Android 11 and no bloatware…. Man this is crazy stuff still

  7. I think that everyone forgets that the pixel phones are made for the average user who doesn't care about the latest and greatest. No crap it doesn't have everything that the newest Samsung and iPhones have. That's not why this phone exists.

  8. 1. 765g is a great processor as long you dont want to hack nasa

    2. The Display is more than enough 90hz fhd+ on a 6 inch

    3. Audio is enough for normal use but if you want music then buy headphones

    4. 18w charger is great enough

    5. it sells for 613 euros in germany with a premium 200 euro headphones as a bonus so it is right

    Nigga I disagree with all 5 points

  9. I wanted a SD865, more storage options, latest RAM & Storage type basically "Flagship Specs Bro, Flagship Specs." (Flossy Carter reference)

    I may well get this phone as I prefer a Pixel device but the price for a SD765 device I would have expected this to be nearer to £400/500 price as opposed to £600 especially as other manufacturers have managed this

  10. 1. Bigger does not mean better. I don't want huge 2. I'd say for 95 percent of users who aren't glued to high end games, the chip is just fine. Same in the display specs 3. Last I knew, constant very rapid charging isn't the best for battery life. Charging within 45 minutes, no big deal. 4. Speakers? I'll find out soon. I never expect high quality sound coming out of phone speakers anyway. That what earbuds and headsets are for.

  11. I have the Pixel 1 and just bought a new battery, it does every thing I need. My company pays for a new phone every 18 months, so Google Five it is, and Pixel 1 is a backup. The Pixel gives me first software, firmware updates, and soon will be Google net in my state! The Google Fi project is the best!

  12. Your title should have been 5 things to consider before buying the Pixel 5. Now I consider you gave me 5 reasons not to follow Phandroid

  13. Dude this a phone not a tv it's all good I hope you have the same thing to say about apple but guess goggle has 5G so as Samsung

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