41 thoughts on “40 Acres of Land for Sale in Wyoming with Creek & Mountain Views – LANDiO

  1. The best part about Wyoming is if you’re not tough right now, give it one winter and you will be. If you make it that long.

  2. Does anybody that doesn't have a financial interest in this transaction have a handle on the lands probable fair market value?
    Looks as barren as southern Colorado and from growing up in Colorado Springs, southern Wyoming's weather is far more harsh, and with all that said this price is higher per acre than Colorado.

  3. Over priced. It's like he is advertising an old car, but look at the fancy gas station, and all the stores you could drive to, and all the places you could go. Oh, wait a minute, we were talking about the car, right?

  4. That creek looks fairly deep. I wonder what a flash flood looks like rolling down from the melt off. Power is up hill? A square mile is an awful lot of fire break perimeter….

  5. Surrounded by BLM land?! 😲😲😲
    Maybe you should Not use that acronym currently, (For Uninformed people in the these times), when trying to sell land.

  6. thumbs up and subscribed…well done, keep putting up properties with complete info like this one. Everything I needed to know to decide if I needed to call is there. Most refuse to answer basic questions everyone has in there comments with the lame disclaimer "call for more info". Your ads will produce serious buyers. I'm a builder, I know what questions need to be answered, you answered them.

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