20 thoughts on “3PM GARAGE SALE

  1. Pete, you are the best. Since you are making fewer shows lately, I have been going through and watching a few that I had missed. I am so glad that I caught this one!!! Your spirit is wonderful…one of your biggest fans, Dina

  2. this is why I love to watch the fantastic threesome, you, golden finger picker and harts picker, you guys have so much history when you talk about the items you find

  3. Hi bud, just found your channel, looks interesting, it's amazing wot you can find in bins behind shops here in the UK, especially second hand and charity stores, a few years ago I wouldn't give them a second look, but now if I see something I just get in there and have a rummage. Great finds at the garage sale with all that audio gear, I'd have done the same as you and grabbed the lot!👍 Garrade turntables were a good brand in the 1970's that one looks a real vintage one, love the portable stereos too, I've got a small collection too.

  4. I went to GW bins. Lots of people have looked at the bin and nobody picked up an original, vintage John Wayne Movie poster that goes for $300+ I could not believe that it was just laying there and it's sealed too

  5. I just finished watching this entire video and BOY what a flashback! In 1984 I had a QUASAR phone/television/clock/radio at 14 it was a very big deal to get that phone; and even friends from college remember it cuz it was so very cool. Right now I am desperate for a cd player cuz I have moved a lot; so, everything i had is broken and gone. A lady gave me a ton of audio books on cassettes so… need that device as well. I purged my walkman collection in 2010. GREAT video, awesome neighbor. Peace and Hugs KP

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